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Everything I wanted and expected plus even much more!

**Will Contain Spoilers**

The most unknown property from Marvel is out and it probably will be for many it’s favorite, with great comedy, amazing actions, beautiful visuals, lovable characters, all with a soundtrack that makes every scene special; Marvel’s [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) brings something new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I cannot think of anything bad with the movie except that I wanted more time with this gang of misfits.

The story is pretty simple, Star Lord has an orb that everyone wants either so they can sell it or use it; this drives most of the movie, basically to the end but the way that the movie is wrapped around it works perfectly, it doesn’t only give us a great look at the galaxy but it also it pushes our heroes to join together. The villains here are Ronan who for the most of the movie has this power every time he is on scene (which is really good for a villain), Nebula who even though didn’t get as much screen as I would have wished was not only deadly, but sexy and great, all thanks to Karen Guillan, lastly we have a small moment of the Titan Thanos and when he was on screen he demanded your attention and you can feel how powerful he is, that is great beginning to build on his power and his terror.

Now on the good side we have our five heroes, the great thing is how they all join together; they all have lost something or someone, they are all alone and as Peter calls them they are losers and life gave them a family and that small premise is not only great but also beautiful. To begin with we have Drax the Destroyer, whose wife and daughter was murdered by Ronan and he is in a path for vengeance; Dave might not be an oscar worthy actor but he did way better than I thought he was going to be, delivering every single moment that he had either as a literal species that provided it’s own comedy, being super happy when they crash into Dark Aster or having bonded with his new friends, I got to give it to him he brought a really good performance.

Gamora was an adoptive daughter of Thanos after he massacred her family, wanting to get out of his reach he tried to backstab Ronan and him, which lead her to Peter Quill. Her character arc was very interesting, from deadly assassin to compassionate loving person, we see many of her characteristics through the movie. Her fighting skills are pretty great and you can seriously tell that if you are not paying attention she might have already killed you. Peter Quill, or better known as Star Lord, was amazing; I think Chris was the perfect choice for this character and he might turn into the new Tony Stark of the MCU, with a lot of charm, comedy and emotion you instantly like him at the beginning (with possibly the best opening of any movie, ever).

He is like a combination of Tony Stark, Indiana Jones and Han Solo all wrapped into one and it delivers in every point. Little by little you see him taking lead, even though he might not be the strongest, the fastest or the smartest he has that single peculiarity that helps unite everyone and lead. Outside of Rocket, you get the most emotion from him, starting with a very sad scene with his mother dying that circles around to the moment that he is holding the infinity stone you see the weight that he is carrying and that nostalgia of his home; we constantly see that as he struggles to keep his walkman with him and at the end when we learn that his mother was the one that calls him Star Lord (yes I did shed a tear, him trying to keep that name alive was a beautiful connection through the whole movie) and we see that the gift he hadn’t opened for 26 years was more awesome music.

Lastly we have Rocket and Groot, even though they are CGI they are possibly the most lovable of the bunch. Rocket you see as a sarcastic, know it all, gun genius; but when he got drunk we see how much pain he has gone through and that added a different level to his character, the way they tackled down his personality was amazing. Groot on the other hand just brings you joy every time he is on screen, he is constantly smiling (specially when he does something, whether it is grabbing a battery or by slamming five guys against the wall); I think he is the only one out of the group that is completely 100% good, and he does the most beautiful things from giving a little girl a flower to lighting up the spaceship with something, he is possibly my favorite character.

Another great thing, since we can only understand “I am Groot” coming out of him, the job that Vin Diesel and James Gun did to differentiate each time that line was said was great, you could tell what he was feeling or what he was saying even by just saying those three little words and just saying at the end before he sacrificed himself he said “We are Groot” no idea what he meant by that but that was beautiful. The relationship between these two creatures is amazing, you could feel for Rocket when he thought Groot was dead and you could tell that Groot really cares about Rocket, this duo was amazing. Also right after the last scene you get treated to a hilarious little groot dancing behind Drax, it was great!

The visual effects were beautiful, from seeing nebulae and planets, this truly is the beginning of the new Sci-Fi era, the space opera is alive and it will give a run for its money to Star Wars because this was how the prequels should have been. I saw this in IMAX 3D and I will have to say everything has a different reality under the glass, you could literally feel like you were in space, the worlds have more layers, all around the technology was used how it should have been used on this. But not only the visuals were great, the movie would have felt incomplete without the amazing soundtrack that brings every scene to life even more, it enhances the emotions or the action (which, this movie probably has the best of, outside of hand to hand combat that is). Every song was played perfectly with was going on around and it sticks with you through the rest of the movie, and also you understand why these songs are so important to Quill and why they are important for the movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy might have been Marvel’s biggest risk yet, but it definitely payed off, bringing a gang very different from the avengers together to save the galaxy. Once you have seen this movie you will definitely know that you are hooked on a feeling that this is an amazing franchise. I give this 10/10


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