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It looks like October 2nd is the day that the much anticipated horror anthology, [ABCs of Death 2](movie:1083556) will be creeping onto VOD. But, if you want my opinion, you should wait a few weeks, because it's getting a theatrical release on (wait for it...) October 31st! What better day to see a horror film than on Halloween? You can count me in for a theater seat!

Just like in the first flick, there's a lot (26) talented and amateur directors featured this time around, including the Soska Twins (American Mary), Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado (Big Bad Wolves), and Sion Sono (Cold Fish). All of the directors have some sort of success under their belts, and they all offer something unique that should make this a very interesting sequel. But if you want my honest opinion, it isn't going to take much to top its predecessor. I only truly loved two of the 26 shorts in the first movie, and they were Ti West's "M is for Miscarriage" and Xavier Gens' "X is for XXL" to be exact. So hopefully with names like the Soska's involved, this one will definitely be worthy of the hype. Regardless, the poster (above) looks cool as hell, and the stills released look as though this is going to be a gross-but-good time!



Would you rather watch 'The ABCs of Death 2' from your home, or at a theater on Halloween night?


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