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So if you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, this isn't for you. This is for the people who have enjoyed the two hours that is Guardians of the Galaxy. If you're still reading this, you've either seen the film or you're one of those sick people that get off on spoilers (Guilty). If you've seen the film, that means you must have a favorite part. This article is going to go over my Top 5 Favorite Moments in the film, and chances are, you might relate to one of them. Let's start with number 5.

Moment 5: The Legend of Footloose

After Peter, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax escape The Kyln and find themselves on Knowhere, Rocket, Groot, and Drax decide to gamble, while Peter and Gamora have a one-on-one conversation. The conversations lingers to Peter's Walkman, and how he earlier risked his life for it. He explains it plays music, and that usually when music is played, you dance to it. Gamora rejects the idea of dancing, so Peter recites a certain legend of his people, to persuade Gamora to dance. What is the legend?

  that the same Walkman and headphones??? that the same Walkman and headphones???

The plot of Footloose, featuring the epic hero, Kevin Bacon. This moment is later referred to in the future, after the team pulls off a heroic deed, Gamora turns to Peter and says, "We're like Kevin Bacon!" Yes you are Gamora. Yes you are.

Moment 4: Come and Get Your Love and The Title Reveal

This movie opened up pretty depressingly. With Peter's mother dying of cancer, and being kidnapped five minutes afterward, you kinda start thinking this kid is going to have some serious mental issues. But as the next scene opens up, a grown Star-Lord is using some radical alien tech to search through some ancient ruins. When he escapes the storm raging outside by arriving at his destination, which appears to be some sort of temple, he ditches the badass face mask for some headphones and a Walkman. And as the music jams in, "Guardians of the Galaxy" is shown on the screen as a long shot of Peter is shown, as he dances of course. He then promptly uses a small alien creature as a microphone, lip-syncing and dancing around the palace like you do when you're cleaning your room to Journey. (It's okay, we all do it.) While we're admitting things here, lets also admit we had the biggest stupidest grins on our faces as we watched Chris Pratt scream the lyrics of "Come And Get Your Love" by Redbone into the face of a terrified CGI weasel-thing. Right from this moment, you just know this movie is going to be a great time.

Moment 3: The Black Light Joke

When Peter first gets his new crew on deck his Ravager ship, not everyone is on the best of terms. Gamora turns to Peter and Rocket before she leaves the room and says, "By the way, Quill, you're ship is disgusting." Peter turns to Rocket and says, "She has no idea. If I had a black light in here, it'd look like a Jackson Pollok painting."

  Oh...that's more pleasant than I thought.
Oh...that's more pleasant than I thought.

I turned to my friend and asked, "This is PG-13, right?!" The joke was no doubt one of the best jokes in the movie, and was apparently thought up by Chris Pratt and James Gunn on the spot. I'm so glad you can get away with so much in a PG-13 movie, or we'd never have this gem.

Moment 2: The Post-Credit Scene

If you're a true Marvel fan, you know you have to stay after the credits to catch a glimpse of Marvel magic. In this scene, The Collector is seen sitting in his ruined library of species, plants, and relics. As he sips on his green drink, Cosmo the Dog from earlier in the film comes by and begins to lick his face. A voice from off-screen is heard asking, "Why do you let him lick you like that?" The shot shifts to not Adam Warlock, not Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch, but someone much more unexpected. I'm talking about our favorite talking, cigar-smoking fowl...

  That's right.
That's right.

Howard the freakin' Duck. Sitting on what used to be his cage, smoking a cigar and enjoying a drink like The Collector's. This made me stand up from my seat and accidentally blurt out, "Oh my God." Another Howard the Duck movie? Nah, I think it's just a reminder that, saying, "Hey, THIS EXISTS IN THIS UNIVERSE." Will he be in future movies? Maybe. And by maybe, I mean hopefully. By now, another thought has popped into you blown mind, "Why is this not Moment 1?" Good question. But there's still one scene that stole my heart so quickly, it deserved Number One.

Moment 1: Tiny Groot

As the movie comes to an end, we're left thinking our lovable, illiterate gentle giant Groot has been demolished in keeping his new friends safe from Ronan's crashing ship. All that is left is a small twig in a pot of dirt that Rocket carries. As the crew talks of their future destination, the twig in Rocket's pot begins to blink, sprout tiny arms, and yawns like a tiny, exhausted puppy. The mount of CO2 being realeased in the theater by everyone's "Awwww"'s was overwhelming, but it wasn't over. A short time after the credits, a slightly bigger, pot-ridden Groot is seen on a table behind Drax. As "I Want You Back" by Jackson 5 begins to play, HE STARTS FREAKIN' DANCING.

  Look at the cute little twig cuttin' a rug.
Look at the cute little twig cuttin' a rug.

Well, that's all I got for you. Was I right? Did I nail your favorite moment? If yes, make your vote of which one, if not, say so in the comments!

P.S. This is my first big article on Moviepilot. If there's anything I can work on, let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, you sexy beast, you.


What about you? What was your favorite part of Guardians of the Galaxy?


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