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Batman: Assault on Arkham is the latest animated DC movie starring Kevin Conroy (batman), Neal McDonough (Floyd lawton), Hynden Walch(harley quinn), John DiMaggio (king shark), Giancarlo Esposito (Black Spider), Jennifer Hale (Killer Frost), Troy Baker (The Joker), and Matthew Gray Gubler (the riddler). This movie is part of the Batman: Arkham games' Lore. I will be saying the positive and negative parts of the movie.


1.) The voice acting: The voice talent are absolutely great in this film. Hyden Walch did a very good job in portraying Harley Quinn and the dialogues were great and very authentic.There was no surprise that Troy baker would do an amazing job as the Joker. As for the rest of the cast did a really good job with their characters.

2.)The Maturity: This movie is very mature for an animated movie and they were able to keep the violence, sexual content, and swearing balanced so it doesn't make it feel like they're doing it for the sake of being mature. They were able to time the maturity in this movie very well.

3.)DEADSHOT: Floyd Lawton is a badass in this movie. His relationship with Harley and Captain boomerang are very interesting to watch. His relationship with harley doesn't feel forced in anyway and was balanced pretty well. His relationship with captain boomerang is one of the coolest parts of this movie. You see captain boomerang trying to keep up with deadshot's accuracy but he couldn't quite match which makes for some really cool moments.Deadshot basically became the leader of the squad and did a very badass job at it. There were a lot of cool moments between him and the joker which are the scenes that ill probably never forget. By the end of this movie I see floyd stealing the whole show and this is probably one of the best interpretation of his character.


4.) The Chemistry: The team work really well together and the relationships didn't feel forced at all. There were a lot of interesting relationships in this film like King Shark and killer frost, Harley And Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang and deadshot. They didn't make the team feel cliche in terms of working together.

5.) The cameos: There were a lot of cool Easter eggs to find in the movie mainly containing in Lore of the Batman; Arkham Games.


1.) The story: The Plot of the story felt very bland and uninteresting a lot of times. There was not enough originality in the story and it felt very generic.There were a few shocking moments like:

Finding out black spider is batman

but it was not enough to carry the story.

2.) Black Spider: I didn't feel Black Spider's presence at all in this movie. It felt he was just there for the sake having that one moment in the story. He was a wasted character an felt unimportant in the movie.

3.) Not enough Batman: Having batman not appear a lot is not a bad thing but when the movie is called BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM I was expecting lot more batman. The way they advertised the filmed was the problem.


Batman: Assault on Arkham is fun film filled with mature content with lots of interesting characters. The story was generic but the charcters were able to carry the movie



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