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Brooklyn-based yoga practitioner, writer/editor and self-educated film buff.
Michael Laskaris


After a devastating accident, a respected pianist (George C. Scott) retires to a gloomy manse on the Washington coast where someone (or something) attempts to communicate with him. Sound familiar? This estranged gem paved the road for other paranormal classics such as ‘Poltergeist,’ ‘The Others,’ and ‘The Ring,’ all of which shamelessly lifted material…but this one did it first (for more info on the predecessor to all these ghostly films, view ‘The Uninvited’). Fabulous atmosphere and camera work elevate this flick onto the ‘classic’ shelf. And the séance/planchette sequence is brilliant (…barely two years later, Zelda Rubinstein would be the one to command us to ‘go into the light’…with a much larger budget, of course…).


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