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Stoked doesn't even begin to express just how excited we are to unveil our first 2 designs for official gear from us at The Horror Nation!

to purchase visit
to purchase visit

We have launched The Horror Nations very own store. We hope in the future along with official Nation gear to be able to offer digital books and films! Until then please! Swing by and pre-order your t-shirts today for a special pre-order price of only $19.99, and help us build ONE NATION UNDER HORROR!

We want to express a special thanks to Dan Conner, creator of MY GAL, THE ZOMBIE for allowing us to use his awesome artwork that melds Chelsea (from the Graphic Novel MGTZ), and The Horror Nation for a gorgeous second design. Both he and Greg Palko (creator of our new logo,and newest team member) have created amazing wearable horror art that we are so very proud to offer to all of you!

As A special Thank you to everyone who has supported us we want to add an additional $2 off, just use the promo code at check to receive your discount.

to purchase visit
to purchase visit

If you are an artist interested in having your digital goods offered through our store please contact us for more information.


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