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Batman V Superman has a problem on it's hands. But it's not the actors, the effects, the script or the director.

It's all of the whiners and complainers. But mostly the naysayers.

Ben Affleck

How do you think Ben Affleck is doing right now? I'll bet he's stressed. It must not be easy trying to do your best and give the people what they want while your repeatedly told your going to suck no matter what. 90% of the garbage I hear about this movie failing involves Ben Affleck. Until you see the movie you can't judge. So cut the guy a bloody break.

Gal Gadot

Secondly, regarding Gal Gadot. Stop. Just stop. I'm so sick of the "She's too skinny" line. Have you read the New 52? She's not exactly "Jacked". She's skinny. That's what they're basing Gadot's design off of.

Zack Snyder

Last but not least, Snyder. I've heard people say that the guy can't direct. Not true. While some of his films aren't great or even good quite frankly, He seems to do wonders when it comes to Super Hero films. Have you seen Watchmen? You think there's too many characters in Batman V Superman? That's funny.

As far as the script, thankfully they've ditched the god awful "writer" David Goyer. They have replaced him with Chris Terrio. Terrio wrote the script for Argo which was a great movie all around IMO. I'm glad they ditched Goyer. Because honestly that was my only worry about this film.

Now do I have doubts regarding this film and the actors? Of course. But I'm not telling them they suck because of it. I'll wait until [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) releases and judge then.


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