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Whoever did this photoshop deserves a gold freakin' medal!

It seems that Warner Bros. and DC want to remain on people's lips this weekend - being that Guardians of The Galaxy is KILLING the box office. For the past couple weeks, Zack Snyder - director for [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) - has been tweeting various images of his superhero team in a way that teases some sort of Star Wars crossover. Now, while that is never going to happen, it could simply mean that their could be some kind of a hidden meaning to the images. We first got a "photoshop" of Henry Cavil aka Superman as a Jedi, and now we have Batman exploring with R2D2!

Check it out:

  Hurry up before we are spotted!
Hurry up before we are spotted!

Yea, uh Bruce, anybody can spot you right now. Your camouflage isn't that effective at this juncture. Ok, but hold up this suit is very different from what we have previously seen. Let's see if we can blow it up a little:

  Is this a new Batsuit?
Is this a new Batsuit?

The black/dark blue and gray does look the same as the first reveal of Affleck in gear, however look at the chest. Can we see a yellow and black, oval-shaped symbol? Holy desert rock Batman! Could this be a reveal of another suit? It has was rumored that Batman will have more than one suit in this next film. We also saw the bat-armor that was leaked last weekend at comic con, so what if this is another suit? Looks very similar to the classic suit from back in the day.

Another theory making the rounds on twitter is...wait for it...


Do you see the reference? Now, it's obvious that we already getting Lex Luthor in the film as a main villain. We have also heard rumors of Metallo (not sure if it was confirmed) and Doomsday making an appearance. So how the hell can they manage to squeeze Darkseid into the mix?

My theory is a post credit scene. Very reminiscent of what Marvel did with Thanos in The Avengers (2012). It could be a possibility that they could reference the badass ruler of Apokolips for the [Justice League](movie:401267) movie. Now this is just a theory, a rumor, a crazy guy's thought if you will. But just what if right? Chills!

There is a lot to take away from these photos but let's hear your thoughts and opinions. Blow up the comments below!


What do you think of these Star Wars themed photos?


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