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There are many reasons why fans started watching AMC's 'The Walking Dead', some was because they read the comic books and loved the idea of seeing it put to life, others they just love zombies.

I started watching 'The Walking Dead' early in 2014 after purchasing a Netflix account, and yes I had a lot of episodes to catch up on. I recently just finished watching season 4 on DVR and I can honestly say I cannot wait to see the explosive action on season 5. Why did I start watching the show after three seasons? I was curious about all the talk going on about the show, and once I watched the first episode in its fullest, I was hooked.

It has been a wild ride for Rick and the gang for the past four years. From the Zombie Apocalypse to a Governor with a power complex, this group of people need a break from trying to save themselves. But it is these trials and tribulations that has made me stay with the show.

The character build that goes on each season is exactly why I watch this show. If you took out the zombie killing I could still watch the show based on the emotional connection with characters. The loss of those closest to the core group has brought about significant amounts of emotion from the characters, whether it be rage or just all out drop to your knees crying, the closeness of these characters are important to the show.

Season 4 saw one of the hardest decision by a character than any other season yet. Without giving a spoiler away, Carol had the hardest job of any character including Rick this season and the emotion I felt alongside her as she made that decision is hard to put into words. I tried to put myself in her place, but was unable to do so, I just could not see myself as being able to do what she did.

I have yet to start watching Season 5 and it is three episodes in. I am trying to stay away from the spoilers and show reviews as I do not want to spoil my entertainment. I am sure it is one of the hardest hitting seasons yet for The Walking Dead and from what I am getting fans are loving it just as much as the past seasons, and with Season 6 already signed we are guaranteed at least one more season of zombie drama.

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What do you think of Season 5 so far? Please, no spoilers...


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