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Vixen was the first African-American female to star in her own DC Comics title.

Vixen was a relatively common member on the television show Justice League Unlimited, appearing for a time as the girlfriend of John Stewart. She appeared in the episodes “Initiation”, “Hunter’s Moon”, “Wake the Dead”, “Shadow of the Hawk”, “Grudge Match” and “Ancient History”. We all remember Vixen from Justice League Unlimited but she only appeared in certain episodes involving the relationship between her and the Green Lantern aka John Stewart. Sometimes we would see her bumping heads with Hawkgirl from time to time on the account of the love triangle between those two and the Green Lantern. Kind of dramatic for a kids show but who didn't enjoy seeing drama unfold in the personal lives of our heroes? When JLA Unlimited came to an end, her 15 minutes of fame did too. Her background was not explored enough on TV but more so in the comics. Is the idea of her having her own movie a bad idea regardless of how underrated she is? We forget how powerful lesser known heroes are sometimes but just because they're underrated doesn't always mean they're the worst.

Vixen's Background Story:

In ancient Africa, there was a legend that the warrior Tantu asked Anansi the Spider to create a totem that would give the wearer all of the powers of the animal kingdom, if they would use the power to protect the innocent. It is possible that the "Anansi" who Tantu met, may have been a member of the alien race who gave Buddy Baker the ability to tap the Morphogenetic Field. Mari’s Tantu totem may tap into that same field. Tantu used the totem to become Africa’s first legendary hero. The totem was later passed down to Tantu’s descendants until it reached the McCabes.

Growing up in a small African village, Mari Jiwe McCabe heard the legend of the “Tantu Totem” from her parents. She was the daughter of Reverend Richard Jiwe, the village priest, who was her sole caretaker, as poachers, lead by a man named Kwesi, killed her mother years ago. Reverend Jiwe himself was killed by his half-brother (Mari’s uncle) General Maksai. Makasai wanted the Tantu Totem, which had been in Reverend Jiwe’s possession.

Now orphaned, she fled to America. She set up an identity for herself as Mari McCabe and used her beauty to become a well-known fashion model in New York City. She used her newfound wealth to travel the world. On a trip back to Africa, she came across her uncle, and stole back the Tantu Totem, using its power to become the Vixen.

If this isn't enough to make a movie out of, I don't know what is. It wouldn't hurt for everybody to be familiar with Vixen again. She might not be as super like the big household names but she is hero with a past.

Did I mention Vixen's powers are awesome?

Powers Animal Mimicry: Mari has the power to mimic the abilities of any animal she knows of, the ability apparently gives her intuitive understanding of the animals and what abilities they have that may be useful in the situation. She can switch between the abilities with ease in a split second:Accelerated Healing: Earthworm, Snake.Adhesion: Spider.Antipathy: Mule.Electrokinesis: Electric Eel.Energy Resistance: Pompeii Worm.Enhanced Senses: Wolf, Seagull, Tern, Doberman.Enhanced Vision: Salamander, Cat, Eagle.Flight: Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Eagle.Super-Leaping: Cricket, Frog.Superhuman Agility: Snow Leopard, Monkey, Gazelle.Superhuman Durability: Rhino, Abalone.Superhuman Reflexes: Mantis Shrimp, Odontomachus Ant.Superhuman Speed: Cheetah, Peregrine Falcon.Superhuman Strength: Bull Elephant, Anaconda, Mole, Horse, Lion.Swimming: Dolphin.Telepathy: Gorilla Grodd.Toxikinesis: Cobra.Enhanced Claws: Vixen's claws are particularly sharp and tough, enabling her to rend through a variety of substances, such as fabric, wood, even soft metals and cinder block with ease. Her claws are magically enhanced and have drawn blood from individuals who are consider highly durable like Geo-Force and Superman.Animal Metamorph: Occasionally, she has been known to physically transform into animals - for example: she has shape-shifted into animals, such as a wolf, a great horned owl, and a cougar.Enhanced Healing: The totem even allows her to heal bruise and wounds within seconds by simply touching it.Morphogenetic Field Energy Manipulation: While the full extent of Vixen’s control over the Morphogenetic field is unknown, she has on occasions drawn pure energy from it and displayed this energy as a force field and energy claws. While in cooperation with Animal Man and the woman known as Tristess, she creates an entire universe.



Should Vixen have her own film?


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