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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
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Dimension films held a press conference earlier today. Sin City 2 stars Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Eva Green and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller discussed the sequel and the experience of working on the film.

The sequel includes two chapters based on existing storylines -- "A Dame to Kill For" and "Just Another Saturday Night" It also includes a couple of original stories with "The Fat Loss" and "The Long, Bad Night."

Characters from the first film- Alba as Nancy, Bruce Willis as Hartigan, Mickey Rouke as Marv and some new players including Eva Green as Ava, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny, and Josh Brolin replacing Clive Owen as Dwight. Other actors replaced were Jamie Chung for Devon Aoki, and Dennis Haysbert for the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

"A Dame to Kill For" has intersecting storylines taking place before and after the first one so that dead guys like Rourke's Marv could return.

"people can't just go buy the book and know what happens"
Robert Rodriguez

Brolin claimed the noir-inflected dialogue initially tripped him up.

"You have to find the cadence," he admitted," the cadence doesn't come to you. It's the kind of movie you really have to dive into. You can't manipulate the movie. And you can't manipulate Frank Miller's mind."

"many have tried." responded Miller

Brolin claimed.

"I was a big fan of the first movie, but this one is different,The opportunity to be able to do it was really unnerving, but when I watched it it was one of the few movies that I've done where I thought, 'Thank God I'm in this movie. I'm really proud to be in this movie. I would go see a few times if weren't in it, but because I'm in it, it would seem pretentious," he laughed.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stated that being in a "Sin City" movie was like starring in your own animated show.

Rodriguez and Miller recreate the stark, dark look of the black and white comic, shooting entirely against a greenscreen, with the scenery, lighting and design of the film being added in post-production.

Eva Green as the femme fatale Ava said her biggest challenge was

" [to] still be believable and lie all the time...she's so bad, so that was very fun. No conscience. No sense of right or wrong. She's pretty evil."

Jessica Alba, is reprising her role as the damaged exotic dancer Nancy. She has a new story. Following the events of the first film Nancy is "devastated, she's an alcoholic, she's still dancing, and she's not happy about it."

"I'm a mom," Alba said. Who enlisted a dance instructor to help her with her strip tease act

  Still sexy!
Still sexy!
"I have two kids. I run a company. I'm not this drunk stripper, so I really had to get into that headspace of the character."

Alba who was 21 when the first film was shot,said she relished playing a character who goes from being a

"sweet, innocent, naive victim to this very powerful warrior who takes her life into her own hands and gets revenge."

Frank Miller said that Alba's first dancing scene brought him to tears, saying "nobody ever looked so good with scars." Brolin replied by saying he felt that was "weird," Miller answered, "OK, so I'm weird!"

Alba dismissed the criticism that Sin City's female characters have received

"it's actually very powerful for women,"also going on to say "bizarrely, the perfect date movie. It's got badass chicks, rad dudes who are sexy allover the place, and so much cool action."

Miller and Rodriguez talked about expanding the saga of Nancy.

When asked about this one being in 3D Rodriguez felt that the atypical way in which he used it worked because of the films minimalist, monochromatic style, and its "absence of information"

Miller was initially reluctant to go 3D. Saying it was Rodriguez that talked him into it.

"I became convinced, as I always do, by this guy."

When asked about another sequel both Miller and Rodriguez loved the idea Rodriguez even saying-

"We can go right into a third one" now that actors are more used to the green screen process and digital technology is constantly improving.

Miller snapped back

"It'll be out Tuesday."

Rodriguez laughed about this adding

"You have to understand that he said that about 'Sin City 2,'" which took nine years to hit theaters."

Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For is due in theaters August 22



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