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So, I remembered earlier today, August 2, 2014, that a Sonic The Hedgehog movie has been announced. At the same time I remembered that, the family & I were cracking jokes & all of a sudden I started to think about a Nintendo movie-verse. So, let's start with this article!


1) I'm gonna handle this article as if it was handled like the MCU.

2) There are gonna be some Nintendo characters that won't be in this article. Sorry.

3) There may or may not be profanity. You have been warned.

4) These are my own opinions. I'm sorry if they do not agree with yours.

Let's start Phase 1 to the NCU with 'Sonic The Hedgehog' (2016);

Since we know we are getting this, Sonic is the first hero entered in this universe.

Easter Eggs:

1) Mention of the Mushroom Kingdom.

2) An appearance by Professor Oak talking about Sonic having the possibility of being a Pokemon.

3) A conversation about an overly large ape found in a forest.

Second movie in the NCU, 'Mario Bros. (Reboot)' (2017);

Us fans NEED a reboot of this franchise! This movie will re-introduce Mario & Luigi as the next heroes in the NU. Note: Mario will have the abilities of fire bending, flight & enhanced condition while Luigi will have the abilities of water bending (since Luigi doesn't have any powers in the games, let's give him something to play with) & enhanced condition.

Easter Eggs:

1) Mention of Princess Zelda of Hyrule.

2) Appearances of multiple Pokemon.

3) A news story of Sonic.

3rd movie, this one is a fun one, 'Donkey Kong' (2018);

If the title doesn't give it away enough, the hero we are gonna finally see will be the same ape that tried to kill Mario, Donkey Kong.

Easter Eggs:

1) Appearance by a Pokemon.

2) Appearances by some Hylians (inhabitants of Hyrule) & Archaneans.

4th movie, we now enter into the world of space-faring, bounty hunting with 'Metroid' (2018);

Samus Aran, the space bounty hunter I think most of us have been dying to see on screen.

Easter Eggs:

1) Mention & appearance of a Pokedex.

2) An appearance by the Ocarina of Time.

3) Mention of The Galactic Federation, SR388 (Metroids homeworld) & the Lylat System.

4) Reference to the main villain for the team-up movie (which I will reveal later in the article).

5th movie, it's all about pocket monsters! 'Pokemon' (2019);

We follow our hero, Ash Ketchum, as he learns to become the best Pokemon Trainer he can be. PS: Ash would not be 10 in the movie; I would make him somewhere closer to 16-19.

Easter Eggs:

1) News stories about Mario & Luigi saving Princess Peach, DK revealing himself to the world & Princess Zelda hosting a dinner party for all royalty.

2) Appearance by a Sonic character.

3) At the end of the movie, a quick glimpse at a legendary, fan-favorite Pokemon, Mew.

6th movie, the story of a young man brave enough to save the Princess. 'The Legend Of Zelda' (2019);

We follow young Link as he tries to save the Princess.

Easter Eggs:

1) Appearances by Princess Peach, Princess Daisy & Lord Lyndis at the dinner party.

2) Mentions of Mushroom Kingdom & Archanea.

3) Pokemon appearances.

Finally, we're at the team-up movie! 'Smash Bros.: Melee' (2020);

Let's go over the team we have so far;

Mario & Luigi:


Donkey Kong:

Samus Aran:

Ash Ketchum:


Yes, 7 members, might seem a bit large but could be a lot fucking bigger. Let me give a short & sweet (hopefully) concept for the movie; Movie starts with Ash traveling trying to find Mew once again. Ash gets word that Mew might be taking refuge on an abandon island. So, Ash, stupidly, takes the journey to the island. We jump to Mario & Luigi talking about going on vacation. Mario is trying to convince Luigi that work is more important but fails. Luigi, after hours of trying, finally gets Mario to agree to go on vacation after Princess Peach tells Mario to "Take a vacation. You 2 deserve it." Mario asks, "So, where do you want to go?" Luigi quickly snaps off, "New Island!" We now jump to Link guarding Princess Zelda. The 2 are talking, "Link, I don't remember the last time I thanked someone so much. But I wanted to thank you once again for saving my life." "I would do anything for you, your highness." Zelda replies, "There is one thing I would like you to do. There is an island I have meaning to see. But first, I need someone to make sure it is safe for my visit. Will you do the honor of doing this simple task?" Link, with no hesitation, "Like I said, I'll do anything for you, your highness. I'll be more than honored to do so."

We catch back up with Ash arriving at New Island. We see Ash talking to Pikachu. As Ash is walking around New Island, he hears 2 voices. Ash calls out, "Who's there?" Out walks Mario & Luigi arguing about whether they are on New Island or not. Mario asks Ash, "Hey, kid, is this New Island?" Ash replies, "Yeah, this is New Island." Luigi bursts out with a big, "HA! Told you!" Ash asks if the 2 were heading to the castle. The brothers say yes & the 3 continue their journey towards the castle. We finally meet up with Samus. We see Samus in her ship traveling to New Island for a very expensive bounty. Samus lands on the island where she runs into Link whom has been searching for any sign of a threat. Samus, getting frightened by Link's sudden appearance, turns her arm cannon towards Link. Link responses with a fighting stance. The 2 stare down each other till Samus speaks, "Looks like we got ourselves a little stand off, elf." Link, "Say what you will, robot. But I won't back down from someone like you." The 2 fight a little till Sonic stops the 2. Link asks Sonic, "What type of beast are you, sir?" "Well, the best way to explain that would be that I am a mutated hedgehog." Samus, "I've heard of you, hedgehog. You're pretty famous out in space. Since the knight asked you a question, why are you here?" Sonic, "I was doing my routine planet run. Gotta keep fit."

Mario, Luigi & Ash walk into Link, Samus & Sonic. Ash instantly runs up to Sonic, "Huge fan, Sonic! I just love you!" Sonic, "Thanks, kid." Mario looks at Sonic, "Nice to meet ya, Sonic." Luigi & Ash are fangirling over Sonic's presence while Mario is expressing disgust over how famous Sonic is. Ash tells Link, Sonic & Samus, "Us 3 (referring to Ash, Mario & Luigi) are heading up to the castle for shelter if you 3 want to join us?" Link, "It does appear to be getting darker out. I will join." Samus, "Do what you want. I got things I'm doing." Sonic, "Well, I have some time to kill." So, the 5 (Ash, Mario, Luigi, Link & Sonic) of them finish their travels to the castle. Samus returns to her ship to rest. The 5 make it to the castle hoping to find life but all they find is an empty castle. Mario, Luigi, Ash & Sonic sit down to talk while Link looks around the castle in hopes of not finding anything dangerous. Link finds a staircase that leads to a lab. Link, ready for combat, finds Donkey Kong unconscious strapped to a table & this little guy on another table strapped down...

Yes, Mew. Link unties Donkey Kong & Mew just to attacked by the main villain, this guy...

Mewtwo! Link holds against Mewtwo till Mewtwo rips Link's sword & shield away. With DK & Mew being too weak from excessive blood taken, couldn't help. Link, after being strapped to a table, asks Mewtwo, "Who are you & what are you doing with these creatures?" This where Mewtwo gives the plan away. "I'm creating an army of Pokemon to correct this world of all it's mistakes. I needed Mew's & this apes blood to make stronger clones of existing Pokemon. Using Mew's blood which created me, I'm able to successfully clone Pokemon. But with this very special ape's blood, I'm able to make them stronger, faster, better." "You plan on killing us all?" "That is my intention, yes." "You'll never get that chance as long as someone stands to stop you." "Will that be you or your 'friends' you have resting upstairs?" We jump back to the 4 upstairs, Ash asks, "Hey, where the knight guy go?" Sonic, "Don't know. Let me look..." Ash, "That's cool!" Sonic, "...RUN! DON'T ASK QUESTIONS JUST RUN!" Mewtwo, "YOU DARE DISTURB ME!? I was gonna spare your life till my army was fully capable, but my army is ready for you dull creatures!" A massive fight ensues between Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Ash & Mewtwo's Clone Army.

As the 2 sides are fighting, Samus notices the fight ensuing. Samus instantly puts her suit on & charges towards the castle. Samus blasts through the castle walls, blasting cloned Pokemon with no real care. Samus turns her head to find Mew crawling through rubble with Link, "My bounty!" Samus turns her attention towards Mew. Mario & Luigi are double teaming groups of Pokemon. Ash has every Pokemon in his pockets helping out. Ash sees Link & Mew crawling & goes to help them when shoved away by Samus. Samus grabs Mew from Link & starts flying away when Mewtwo stops Samus with his telekinesis. Mew escapes but Samus is stuck in Mewtwo's trap. "You think you can attack me & get away with it?" "Well, you were hiding my bounty." Mewtwo rips Samus' suit off leaving Samus weaponless. The team's being distracted by Mewtwo's forces leaving Samus defending herself.

We jump back to Mario & Luigi fighting the army when a Hitmonlee & a Machamp knock the 2 out. A Blastoise captures Link. A Primeape takes Sonic out. Ash, now the only man standing with Pikachu, Ash gets jumped by a swarm of Pokemon. Ash & Pikachu are barely able to defend themselves when Mew returns. Mew is able to fend off some Pokemon. Ash is fighting with Mew once DK runs in knocking Pokemon on their asses. The Blastoise that captured Link starts charging towards DK. DK then knocks Blastoise out with a single blow. Mewtwo, now showing a little fear because of his army fading, drops Samus & charges towards DK.

As Mewtwo is aiming for DK, Mew runs into Mewtwo. Mew & Mewtwo fight each other while DK, Ash, Samus & the newly conscience Sonic, Link, Mario & Luigi finish off Mewtwo's army. Jump a couple of minutes of the team fighting, Mew is down & we have the final fight; Mewtwo vs the Smash Bros. The Smash Bros all charge after Mewtwo with a chance of victory. The team defeats Mewtwo & the 7 officially form the Smash Bros. The final scene, we see the team depart. Link, Mario & Luigi go one direction, Sonic & Ash in another, DK going out on his own & Samus taking Mewtwo instead of Mew because she believes Mewtwo would cost a lot more than Mew.

8th movie, Phase 2 of the NCU, 'Mega Man' (2020);

Mega Man, an android (little origin change) thought to be created as a lab assistant actually created as a contingency plan to the Smash Bros.

Easter Eggs:

1) Mention of Dr. Eggman.

2) Cameo from Ash Ketchum.

9th movie, 'Sonic 2' (2021).

10th movie, 'Pokemon 2' (2021).

11th movie, 'Fire Emblem' (2022);

Young Prince Marth recruits mercenary Ike to reclaim the land they once lost.

Easter Eggs:

1) Mention of Hyrule.

2) Marth & Ike question whether or not to ask for help from Link.

3) Rehash of the events of "The Dinner Party" from 'The Legend of Zelda'.

12th movie, 'Smash Bros.: Brawl' (2022);

Instead of doing another plot cause that shit was long as fuck, I'm just gonna go over the team & it's additions & the villain.

The team: Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Link, Donkey Kong, Samus, Ash & these additions; Ike;


& Mega Man;

& the villain,


13th movie, Phase 3, 'Donkey Kong/Mario Bros. Team-Up' (2023).

14th movie, 'Star Fox' (2023);

Fox McCloud & his anthropomorphic team must defend their homeworld, Corneria, from the forces of Andross.

Easter Eggs:

1) Cameo from Samus.

2) Mention of Metroids.

3) Credit scene for the next movie, 'Kid Icarus: Uprising'.

15th movie, 'Kid Icarus: Uprising' (2024);

Follow angel Pit as he searches for 3 powerful artifacts to save the universe.

Easter Eggs:

1) Appearances from Mario & Luigi.

2) Mention of the war that ensued during 'Fire Emblem'.

16th movie, 'Pokemon 3' (2024).

17th movie, 'Fire Emblem 2' (2025).

18th movie, 'Mega Man 2' (2025).

19th, 'Sonic 3' (2026).

20th, 'Smash Bros.: Crusade' (2026);

Same as SB2, no plot, just characters.

Team: Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Link, Samus, Donkey Kong, Ash, Marth, Ike & Mega Man. With additions of... Pit,

& Fox, Falco & Wolf,

& the villain,


I have more ideas of characters to replace & come back for Phases 4-6. Like...

A Captain Falcon series,

a Metal Gear series,

& a Lucario series.

I know this is gonna be a very controversial article, so sorry if I offended anyone (nerd-religiously). Leave your thoughts down below!


What Nintendo character from the Super Smash Bros. franchise do you want to see brought to the big screen that was not part of the team?


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