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Geoff Johns, Stephen Amell and many people involved in Arrow and Batman v Superman, have repetitively said that Arrow and The Flash will not make an appearance in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), or any of the Dc Cinematic Universe movies. Meaning they exist in different universes. Many fans of the hit TV Show Arrow, and the upcoming Flash are disappointed they won't get to see the actors and heroes we have all bonded to on the big screen. This is not a bad thing, in fact if they connected the two universes it could Ruin the TV shows in a big way. Here are my reasons.


[The Flash](movie:15273)

Don't get me wrong, I like Amell and Gustin I think they're ok actors. *Underline "ok". For these movies we need A-List actors, maybe we can have some B-Listers. I'm ok with Gustin portraying Barry on the small screen but not in the movies. He looks way to young and skinny, (even if his character is a runner) next to the other heroes. Someone like Chris Pine or Ryan Gosling would be more suitable. Also almost all Flash fans should know, the version of Barry we see in The Flash isn't the exact same one from the comics. Barry on television is young, lighthearted, clumsy, and jokes around sometimes. These are actually characteristics of Wally West who is the second incarnation of The Flash. Barry in the comics is older, more serious and matured. If the universes are separate we can get an even better portrayal of Barry in the movies, or even better Wally, so we don't have to compare the two actors portrayal of one character.


The thing with Stephen Amell mainly is his acting. It's improved alot since season one, but i find sometimes he struggles to play emotional scenes. Watch some scenes with him on YouTube and you'll see what I'm talking about. Another thing is Arrow is not done his character development. Meaning he is not the not the sarcastic, quick witted, boxing glove wielding Oliver we know from the comics. At the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, the producers and Stephen Amell even said this themselves stating that, "Roy as Arsenal will help Oliver lighten up a bit as they build towards the more classic DC version of Green Arrow, who is known for being sarcastic and witty." Also, Arrow doesn't even have his full hero name down. We have a fully built and developed Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. Placing Season 3 Oliver who is still in development in the ring with these three characters create a huge imbalance. Same goes with the flash! Also hate to admit it but Arrow is batman for the small screen.


I mean he's been borrowing most of his villains! To be fare Deathstroke is mostly a Teen Titan villain. But he's often seen as Batman's counterpart. But there's no excuse for Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assasins. Arrow is also dark and gritty and tries to be grounded just like batman, which works. But we don't want to have two Batman's in one movie.


I like Arrows costume, but I don't see it working on the big screen next to Superman, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), and Batman's costume. It's way to simple. They would have to come up for a reason in the movie to change it. Same goes for The Flash, the costume is ok. To be fair the producers said don't worry about the costume it will change. But then the characters would go back to the TV shows with these costumes that may cost some money for them to use. Or the costumes would be so outstanding they would blow every other costume on the show out of the water.

  Many Fans Want A Redder Flash With The White Symbol
Many Fans Want A Redder Flash With The White Symbol


Imagine this, you watch the Justice League movie with The Flash and Arrow in it. In the final battle, you see Arrow shooting arrows mid-flip, jumping off buildings and still hitting targets, doing somersaults while fighting. You also see the flash running so fast you think he's teleporting, due to eye candy CGI. He's also showing off his fighting moves and doing special attacks, twirling his arms so fast he's creating tornadoes and throwing his enemies backwards. Now imagine coming out the theatre and next week you watch the shows. The flash isn't flashing off his moves and instead just runs around and gives people a couple punches, you also notice the cheap CGI being used. Arrow isn't during his somersaults and instead stands still shooting arrows, and has one or two 30 seconds to a minute fight scenes. The point is they wouldn't live up to the expectations, excitement to what you see them do in the Million Dollar movie.

The point is keeping the two universes separate I believe, is the best choice. As you can possibly get different actors, better portrayals, and it could ruin the two TV Show's we already love.


Do You Want To See The Two Universes Combined?


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