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Well, it's not really a preview because there's noting new to show.

But I hope you guys get the deal. Next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal name is "Masquerade", and it follows the story of the manga very closely. If you don't want more spoilers watch the video and then go find some other cool post here in Moviepilot. I will be writing about the previous episode in the next paragraphs.

You've been warned. Walk away now if you don't want to know what happened in Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 3, Sailor Mars!

And now to the recap.

Is no big spoiler, I mean, is in the title. Sailor Mars made its way to Sailor Crystal! She's finally here! And she is amazing.

Last chance to walk away... SPOILERS AHEAD!

The episode begins in the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl is not happy about Jadeite's failures, and the other generals can't wait to take his place serving Queen Beryl and finishing off the sailor soldiers. Next in line will be Nephrite, and the Zoisite, however they are more interested in looking for the "silver crystal."

  Nephrite introduces himself.
Nephrite introduces himself.

Queen Beryl explains that the crystal possess a mystical and magical force that will make anyone who possess it ruler of the world, and the galaxy and maybe more. Then she sends Jadeite to finish off the two sailor soldiers that have awakened.

In Tokio, Rei is at her temple where a girl that plays there every day leaves to catch the bus. Rei sees her go, and we see she senses a dark energy or force, but she doesn't know where that feeling is coming from.

It's time for the intro song! And I love that song. You can read about how much I love that song here.

Next we have Usagi at school complaining about being tired, and Luna is trying to make her go to the arcade to meet with Ami. That convinces her, and she goes.

At the arcade, Ami is still a little surprised that they are sailor soldiers, and she asks Luna more about the reason why they have to fight. Luna confesses that they are on earth to look for the silver crystal and to protect the princess that possess that crystal. Usagi meanwhile is playing and winds two watches from the arcade game machine!

Ami has to leave to go to cram school, and she invites Usagi to ride along if she wants to see a beautiful maiden. Usagi follows and both spot Rei in the same bus. She is a beautiful girl from a private elite academy.

  Rei Hino, beautiful maiden!
Rei Hino, beautiful maiden!

Usagi leaves the bus at the same stop that Rei does and follows her to her temple, there she is attacked by Phobos and Demos. Rei's pet crows, and then by Rei herself, she confused her with an evil spirit.

At the temple more people have arrived, they tell Rei that the girl she was playing there the other say has disappeared and then they found out about the 6:00 pm bus, there's a rumor about that bus. If you take it, you will be spirited away.

Usagi is impressed by Rei. Next day Ami and Usagi wear their new watches at school, and in the background everyone is talking about the mysterious disappearances of people that ride the 6 o'clock bus.

Luna and Usagi decide to go investigate, and they ride the bus to the temple. In the bus, Usagi says she misses Ami and luna tells her that those watches they are wearing are also communicators, they can keep in touch that way. Usagi asks more, but Luna does not reply, she starts meowing instead. Usagi wonders what's wrong, but then she notices someone else sitting very closely in the bus. It's Mamoru!

She asks him what is he doing there, and if he is a middle school student like her. He says that he is a high school student. And finally, finally! He introduces himself as Mamoru Chiba, second year of highschool in a private institute.

Usagi starts getting blushed, and her heart starts beating fast. She is not sure why, but she uses Luna as a shield from Mamoru's piercing blue eyes.

In the temple, Rei is being accused of having made the children disappear, but of course, she doesn't know anything about it. She asks the people at the temple to go to the police. But they insist that because she has these weird powers, she must be the culprit.

Usagi is there now, and she says Rei that she will help her in finding the people that is missing because she doesn't think that Rei is a weird person, even if she has powers. Usagi leaves, and Rei goes inside the temple to pray. In there she has a vision, is a vision of Usagi being attacked by Jadeite. Rei then runs out of the temple, but before she can find Usagi she finds Jadeite. He attacks her and makes her pass away, then takes her with him to the bus.

Usagi sees Rei in the bus and the notices it is going through a wall. She follows the bus and before jumping into the back of the bus, she transforms into a stewardess (Because , find it on twitter.) Sadly when she jumped into the back of the bus, she dropped Luna. But the little cat lands safely in the hands of a surprised Tuxedo Kamen. He noticed a girl transforming.

In the dark hole or wherever this people is being held. Jadeite explains that is easier to get energy out of people if they have been kidnaped. Nephrite is not convinced, but he lets him do his job.

Around the same time Usagi is looking for a way out of that place, she is scared and wants help. Thank god that Luna and Ami are working hard trying to find her. Ami says to Luna that the signal from her communicator is not strong enough and that she needs to transform so Ami can pinpoint her location and use that energy to teleport to where Usagi is.

Ami and Usagi transform at the same time, and when the transformation is over, Ami and Luna have reached Usagi in the place that everybody is being held. They sailor soldiers fight, but they don't do too much to damage Jadeite.

Rei wakes up and recognizes Usagi as Sailor Moon, then she tries to stop Jadeite and the symbol of mars glow intense on her head. Luna throws her a transformation pen and Rei transforms into Sailor Mars.

With the tiara boomerang Sailor Moon traps Jadeite and Mars launches a fire attack to him. He disappears, but we don't know if he's really dead at this point.

The soldiers leave that weird dimension they were being held at, and everyone returns to their families. Usagi and Ami welcome Rei to the group and tell her that is ok to have super powers and that they will use them to fight justice as friends. The three girls go walking happily, but before the episode ends, we see a mysterious box arriving at the airport. That... we will see in the next episode.

What do you think of the episode? I think it was amazing how kick-ass Rei is even when she is not transformed. She is just one of the strongest senshi and I love her. But hey, I love every sailor soldier. Follow my next update where I will be talking about what I want to see in Masquerade, and oh boy! do I have stuff I want to see.


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