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My reasons why Daryl & Beth shouldn't get together.

If Daryl Gets hooked up with Beth. Only means Death for Daryl.

In a world with no rules how can one even grow the understanding of life. If they haven't even realized the idea that there dead already.

Hence the title of this incredible series. [The Walking Dead](series:201193). It's not a show about how many dead people are walking around, it's about how many who were living were dead already to begin with.

Tasteful ingredients of all your favorite zombie shows/movies entwined in the background that foreshadows the entire series zombies, zombies, zombies. Real fans know though it's the character focus in the series that is driving The Walking Dead.

Without these incredible well written characters and the situations they get themselves into, this show wouldn't be as good.

That being said we all know what happens with a loved one on a show, when they get too comfortable in their character. They either end up dying a regrettable death or they get other characters you love dead, or the characters gets in some kind of shameful jam that changes the dynamic of the character you once loved, but with all the same ending death.

Making My Point

If Daryl falls in love, it would mean the end of all he has learned in the walking dead, and love would only symbolize to us fans as happiness.

In a world like the walking dead where their is no happiness. If a man like Daryl would find happiness after losing so much would only mean the unsettling truth.

That our favorite arrow man will be preparing himself for his own destruction with writers readying Daryl Dixon for marriage, called the ultimate beautiful death.

Now I as a fan love Daryl Dixon just as much as the next person.

But to have his character killed off. Would be ridiculous for lots of Daryl Lovers including myself.

Daryl has reached a level that only oh so many can understand. It's the level of reaching that point of no return. A period or moment in The Walking Dead where you have learned what the difference between life and death is, and what real loss truly means.

But in order to understand loss you have to understand death.

Daryl understands death, he has been surrounded by death ever since he could remember from the point he was a kid. Losing his own mother at a young age.

Then growing up learning from his father & brother Hunting animals, killing squirrels and deer. After losing his father when the zombie apocalypse came, it all made sense to Daryl then what true death would mean, but still not knowing real loss since he still had Meryl Dixon.

So what is true loss? if it's not losing so many people around you dying.

For some losing all your friends and loved ones is the beginning of loss, but in the walking dead for most It's the beginning and the end of who you are as person, and the beginning of your new identity as a new human survivor.

When Daryl Dixon lost his brother Meryl Dixon being killed by the GOV. Seeing his own brother turn from man to zombie brought his whole world to a stand still.
Destroying all what he knew that was a piece of his former self, was all forgotten with a fatal knife blow to the skull, and then several other stabbings later...

The Dixon Sacrifice

Killing Meryl is what did it for Daryl. Ending his career as the younger Dixon brother. Changing him into the man he is now the only Dixon.

Sacrificing Daryl For Daryl Dixon. Now with his sacrifice complete, in a way Daryl is now an official member of the Walking Dead. No longer a human being with any set backs, but a mere survivor whose only thought is taking whatever comes natural in survivalists agenda day to day.

A Little Reminder

Not taking anything away from the show or any of the other characters. Because trust their are others on the show who have met the same requirements a lot sooner than Daryl. Like Carol & Rick Grimes being two of the names to mention.

Carol lost her Identity when she lost her beloved daughter Sophia. In that moment carol understood all the death that was happening around her, was going to be in her life regardless. With Sophia gone that was her final sacrifice, the nurturing mother into a now survivor.

Which to add by the way, the new carol we see in these new seasons, is by far millions of miles ahead compared to the season 1 carol who would just cry tears of agony, and torture inside her spirit, mind, body soul.

I swear if you put a X-ray machine on Carol back then you could just read every attempt to keep her sanity, while being so overwhelmed with the odds. I can understand now why she now is so bold, to just kill, after losing so much.

What kind of survivalist would you have become?

Now with all this loss going around us, what is the point I am trying to make? With the Beth & Daryl Connection/relationship. Chemistry

The point is clear as day, in order for two people to even be considered in a relationship scenario, or a survival relationship. So to all the fans who think Beth & Daryl should be hooking up, keep in mind for that matter inside the walking dead lovers who get comfortable and fall in love die, or become martyrs, and compatible people who thrive to survive together can still love each other but live on for as long as the show permits. To me that's the difference. Two survivors would have to at least succumb to a form of loss in some way first though but also some chemistry has to be established.

When Daryl lost his brother, and Carol lost her daughter. Many fans would agree that the most compatible due to their regular interactions in earlier seasons would be a Carol Or Daryl. But as time went on another interesting duo couple was slightly growing and I don't think most people even recognized it between the polar opposites Michonne & Rick.

After you watch the series as closely as I have, you begin to share a vision that many probably don't agree with but one I can def see being more profitable to a group situation if they did hook up, would be Rick & Michonne.

I mean they wouldn't have to share there relationship as openly as Beth does with the first boyfriend she ever had in the first episode of Walking Dead Season 4 who got devoured by the falling zombies in the super market. Or even Husband & wife Glenn & Maggie.

I feel Rick & Michonne could have their little love sparked conversational moments behind the scenes going out on missions. I doubt that the writers of the series would ever express that in the show though. But if you look closely you can kind of see it slightly in their eye behavior in some episodes.

When Rick seen Michonne come back after being on the hunt for the Gov. for days, you can see the light in Ricks eyes, his whole body language, jogging lightly to the door, then smiling when Michonne & Rick was met face to face.

Yea sure most who watch the two characters on the show. Would look at Rick, Michonne. Like it was nothing really just a harmless meet and greet, of two familiar faces after not seeing each other for a while.

From a fans perspective I would add. What the smile meant, maybe Rick was just happy because it was Michonne maybe not in a sexual way but in some form of intimacy that can be respected of the two, but only in brief moments of conversation or eye contact.

Seeing the both of them on screen was two warriors meeting up again, after a long period of time being out on the hunt. A lion meeting up with his lioness.

All in all it's all chemistry I'm describing, connecting the relationships of who and who wouldn't be compatible. Chemistry in the amounts.

Chemistry in all the people who have sacrificed everything to reach the point of no return, that nobody is the same person. Chemistry in facing loss and surviving it together as a team, and not just as simple individuals.

Which brings me to the understanding of survival.

In a Walking Dead World Divided by faith, no religion, and loss of humanity. Even the close loved ones who claim they love and trust to watch your back don't even recognize who you are.

Clearly a great point when we saw rick bite into that one hunters neck in the finale of season 4. Sitting down with Daryl and calling him his brother while covered in blood, was a moment I could understand.

We noticed with Rick the only time when Rick Grimes would ever go to the place of no return, is when he is threatened with his survival or the survival of his close loved ones in the group.

Some people would agree, that lots of that hatred stemmed from when so many walkers have killed many people that rick has tried to protect.

From what I seen when Lori died that was ricks last straw, he just lost it all. He lost all hope, all possibilities of a possible future for creating a new family.

"Remembering a thoughtful memory" RIP LORI RIP T-Dawg Rip Shane

When Rick Grimes loss Lori. that was the moment where he understood what true death was, but when he was forced to kill so many people zombies and his best friend Shane, along with other humans that was killing off parts of ricks humanity. To me that was Ricks True Loss. Losing Humanity is the price rick gave up in order to keep everyone he loved and cared for safe.

So Finalizing my point on the Beth & Daryl Relationship

To me that's one thing Beth has not connected with entirely. She doesn't know how to survive, she hasn't had any real chemistry with anybody that's not going passed a baby sitter, a buddy, friend, or a fellow survivor, she doesn't know how to kill, doesn't have any real experience with close death, loss, survival training.

She has potential but nothing that I can see as of currently that would contribute to the group, or make her a compatible choice for the hunter tracker survivor Daryl Dixon.

Not trying to talk down to her character, or make this whole connection a hate rant. Because trust me it's not. I respect and appreciate what Beth's Character contributes as far as a glimpse into the future for hope adding that hint of unification.

Unifying the group with her singing, and her never ending grasp on hope is one talent Beth truly brings to the group. Which is why I feel she writes in her journal so much, bringing light to those lost pages of hope inside her open world journal. Writing little notes to herself as he travels along in life. It def gives other survivors that peace of mind inside, and a reminder of the humanity they once forgotten, which is good to have.

Back on Track Beth

As helpful and supportive unifying the group is. It's an idea that shouldn't be touched on in the walking dead too much, for as we know every helpful character that has added some form of unity or helpful philosophies has been killed off.

Beth's biggest issue is her humanity. Whatever reminds her that she can be a hopeful human being is what gets her in trouble or on the risk of being killed mostly all the time.

Like so many who have lost, and met with the true death in the walking dead.

Beth hasn't fully understood what losing someone truly does to you, it creates a void, it cleans the space between your heart and hope is forgotten.

Only leaving the Identity of the old you, will you grow into the new reborn person you have to become as a survivor of the walking dead. Beth isn't ready to make that change just yet I feel.

She is still holding back onto this idea that their is a possibility for a new life, or a future somewhere. Harboring on these thoughts is one of her biggest weakness, but her strongest asset. A dreamer but a dreamer that comes at a price, do we keep her safe for the sake of the future children, or leave her to fend for the wolves aka the zombies.

Having this kind of harping thought, don't mean to sound cold. Is like having an infected person with you, and not having the decency to kill him/her.

I'm not sure what the writers are trying to do paring the two Beth & Daryl characters together. Whether its to express more out of Daryl so then he can appreciate weaker individuals that aren't like more dominant roles like rick, michone, or hammer man tyrese.

Or if it's just to draw out more air time on T.V. expressing the different dynamics of the Daryl Dixon character that will make him more of a likable character or a soft puppy dog cat.

But if in fact marrying the two is their goal. Then fans of this show. Be ready for a bad day in hell for The Walking Dead Series. Your favorite character that you & I loved since season 1. Is about to reach his end.

Sacrifice Conclusion

To me everyone in this show needs a sacrifice to learn from in order to build up their level of experience inside the Walking Dead.

If you look at the show closely everyone who you have liked in this show has met a beautiful horrific death, has been martyred and remembered in the hall of the walking dead obituaries. It's the only way other characters who thrive on this show survive and go on.

I tell you I'm a big fan just like anybody else on this show. My only request is to all the writers, producers, directors. I just hope they don't destroy what we fans have grown to respect in character identity. Especially with Carol, Daryl, Rick, & Glenn characters.

In the end I hope they can see that Beth & Daryl are definitely not compatible. As of current. I'm not saying it wouldn't be possible. But as of right now. this wouldn't be the most pertinent Idea . Unless they are soon ending the show.

If anything I would love to see Rick & Daryl together. Not in an intimate way, but in a Brothers Union.

If anybody who should be teaming up it's every survivor who builds the unity of the group, making the best of the group against the crazy threats that plague Team Rick.

For me is the best solution. Keeping that Beth & Daryl connection maybe for the later seasons if Beth lives that long. But even then I would be better off if Beth's character would die.

I feel she would be a great martyr to everyone else in the group. They would all mourn her death, but never forget her, and use her memories as great moments, to fuel and lead the other survivors in the process.

P.S. Don't Kill Rick, Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Maggie for a while we need their presence on the show. :)

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