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James Carnuccio

As many are aware the post credits scene for Marvel's latest blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy features Howard the Duck. As per usual, the internet has erupted and there is now the constant discussion about what the future is for Howard the Duck.

The iconic character has been considered somewhat of a joke in the Marvel universe for quite some time. Although he has his own comic he also makes short cameo appearances in various other comics. The general view on the internet is that Howard will not get his own movie.

So why did they include him in the post credits scene? Was it for a joke or does he have some sort of future?

Despite Marvel not yet making any announcements on the character's future; my personal opinion is that Howard the Duck will not get his own full length movie but instead feature in a Marvel One Shot.

This is one possibility. Howard has also crossed paths with Doctor Strange and The Defenders in the past, both of which are being brought to life on Netflix and the silver screen in the near future. However the likelihood of him appearing in either one of those is probably fairly slim.

One thing is for certain though. Seeing Howard the Duck was very exciting! Could he be making another appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Hopefully the answer to that is yes.

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