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Rob Zombie's New Film 31 tells the story of five people who are kidnapped five days before Halloween and how they have to fight for survival in a place called Murder World playing the game "31." The rules of the game state that the kidnapped person has to kill their opponent, a group of clowns called "the heads," within 12 hours to earn their freedom.

Zombie has decided that he will have this film crowd funded and instead of the usual go to sites like kickstarter or indiegogo he will would launch his own. Whats really cool is besides the typical rewards you see from crowd funded projects like signed DVD's, shirts and other merchandise ( which they are offering for lower tier donations) Zombie is offering some stuff that his hardcore fans would love to get their hands on. These include:

A ticket to the cast and crew screening-$500 donation

Special thanks in the credits-$750 donation

House of !000 Corpses prop crosses from graveyard- $1,500 donation

Halloween prop Michael Myers mask-$2000 donation

There are numerous other rewards available too which you can check out (and donate) at

In the meantime here is some concept art from the film.


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