ByBen Van Sickle, writer at
Ben Van Sickle

Well, he's done it again! Transformers: Age of Extinction has broken the $1 BILLION dollar mark world wide.

This is before its release in Spain and Japan. Which means the sky is the limit! This is the second billion dollar film in the Transformers franchise to break the "B" limit, and its likely to not to the last considering there are two more to come.

Bay Haters, feel free to spout off, but money talks, and frankly, I LOVED it, so keep the Bay movies coming. I already have my tickets to TMNT (albeit this isn't technically a Bay movie, but the Bay haters don't seem to care ;) ), and if its half as good as it looks, I wouldn't be surprised to see a sequel either. Paramount also just extended its deal with Bay's production company, and not surprising considering his movies have garnered over $6 billion to date.

Keep the Bay Gravy train coming!


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