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If you were unsure about going to go see Marvel’s newest film Guardians of the Galaxy, which premiered this weekend as a phenomenal $94,000,000 (this summer’s second highest box office take-in, behind “Transformers”) instant hit, get off your butt and get to the closest theater now. This film has converted some of Marvel’s lesser known characters into what has probably become many people’s favorite heroes. Here’s a quick synopsis for those of you who don’t know much about the film yet.

Quick Synopsis:

Twenty six years after being abducted from earth as a young boy, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) searches for a mysterious orb. What he doesn’t realize is the immense power the orb possesses, and quickly finds himself in a dangerously exciting and comedic quest to keep the orb away from Ronan (Lee Pace), a power-hungry villain wishing to destroy the galaxy. Along the way, Quill teams up with an unlikely group of allies: the dangerous yet misunderstood Gamora (Zoe Saldana); the genetically altered, feisty raccoon Rocket (Bradley Cooper); the vengeful Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista); and the loving and protective Groot (Vin Diesel). Can this band of misfits keep it together long enough to save the galaxy?

Review Time! 22/1

Action: 3/5

Admittedly, the movie did show off some pretty sweet spacecraft shoot outs, but unfortunately, it was lacking in the hand-to-hand combat department. The few head-to-head fights that were featured didn’t have you at the edge of your seat. They seemed somewhat rushed, predictable, and unoriginal. Nevertheless, the film featured some intense and exciting face-offs between space crafts zooming around in the stars. So don’t let what I said earlier deter you!

Storyline: 4/5

As in most other Marvel movies, the plot maintained a perfect mix of action, comedy, seriousness, and tear-jerking moments. It’s very straightforward, fun, and easy to follow. Thankfully, it doesn’t take itself too seriously (which is good considering it has a tree and raccoon as main characters), yet doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to making a coherent plot with minimal plot holes.

P.S. I realize this section is kind of vague, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys!

Comedy: 5/5

Right from the start, the entire film is an “lol” moment. The audience was laughing so hard in my theatre that we actually missed some of the jokes (which means there will be even more to laugh about when it comes out on redbox :D). The cast had obvious comedic chemistry that will make even the stiffest of people pee their pants.

Warning: Although the film is generally family-friendly, there are a few instances of explicit word usage. So if you’re planning to take the little ones out to the movies on Friday, just make sure to keep that in mind!

Special Effects: 5/5

My favorite thing about films are the special effects, so this is my "thang." All-in-all, the special effects, including make-up, costume design, CGI effects, and set-design, went perfectly with the feel of the film (keep in mind, it would not have worked for more serious sci-fi films). “[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)” featured something that hasn’t been seen since many of the older sci-fi films came out such as Men in Black, the original Planet of the Apes, and the earlier Doctor Who episodes. The make-up designers transformed real people into the many species of aliens we see throughout the movie. This technique is rarely seen now that the usage of CGI has become so popular among film makers

I also want to give some MAJOR credit to the “Guardians” special effects team, especially when it comes to creating Groot. Only people with truly amazing talent can create a creature out of mere pixels that has the capability of making billions of adult audience members sob like babies. Soooo…*wipes a tear*…way to go!

Acting: 5/5

The cast truly had chemistry, and the main “guardians” pulled off the whole “a’holes” thing really well. Each actor was able to bring something special to the film. Often, when the main “character” of the film is a group, I notice that a select few from the group tends to steal the spotlight. That is most definitely not the case in “Guardians”. Bautista, Pratt, Saldana, Cooper, and Diesel successfully bring life to their character, making each one memorable in their own right.

Also, I would like to give some kudos specifically to Bradley Cooper. Honestly, when I initially saw the trailer, I thought to myself “Really? Seriously? There is a talking raccoon? This is going to flop.” Somehow, the immensely talented Cooper was able to convert a CGI-ed animal into one of the most beloved characters in the film. Next to Peter Quill, Rocket probably had the most dimension as a character. Although he initially seems to be a spiteful, greedy little creature, his bitter façade only covers the hurt from being abused, belittled, and ridiculed for being “vermin” and a “rodent.” And if his love for Groot doesn't make you shed a tear, then you have NO SOUL.

This film gets a well-earned 22/25! GO WATCH IT NOW

Note: By the end of this movie, you’re going to want a Groot of your own. Trust me

Favorite Quote: "We are Groot" ~ Groot protecting his new friends

Movie Score: * Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe

* Peter Quill's Awesome Mix Vol. 1

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