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Jerome Maida

Eric Kovaleski is one of the most prolific martial artists in the world. He has just added his first film role, in "The Martial Arts Kid", to his long list of accomplishments.

In fact, he summed up his fight in the film between the legendary Cynthia Rothrock and himself succinctly, posting on his Facebook page: "KJN Rothrock kicked my".

Kovaleski doesn't impress easily, but he says the scene and film are special to him - as is the message it conveys.

"In the (scene), I play a bully and I end up picking on one of the stars of the film (Brandon Tyler Russell)..picking on him and bullying him around", says Kovaleski. "It's an anti-bullying film so it was neat to play the role of a bully, because of what the film is about."

"It's about an anti-bullying theme", Kovaleski continues. "It's playing a role - -it wasn't who I am or anything - so it was neat to participate in that aspect."

"It was neat to have it turned around", he continues. " (and) have Grandmaster Cynthia come down the steps, pick up the kid I'm bullying..turn around and beat me up and give it back to me as a bully by kicking sand in my face. I think (that) was pretty cool."

Kovaleski says what made the scene even more special is that he was facing Rothrock, a longtime friend - in addition to being a legend.

"She's the best", says Kovaleski. "When she performs, everybody watches. I mean, she just has a presence - she has a presence on film and off film. She's a great person."

"The Martial Arts Kid" is set to hit theaters on 2015.


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