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For a lot of us, when we think “The Giver,” we think high school book reports and discussions on similes and metaphors. A movie about your high school homework is the last thing you want to see right? Well let’s back up there. Following in the footsteps of Divergent and The Hunger Games, the film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s award-winning novel The Giver exposes the horrifying consequences of attempting to maintain a seemingly perfect society. Young Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) lives in a world in which all things are equal. All choices are made for you. Everyone conforms. There is no color. There is no choice. There is no love. There is only equality. Yet, when he is assigned to be the next Receiver of Memory, Jonas begins to discover a world he could have never imagined. A world filled with emotion, culture, color, and love. But amidst the joy, Jonas discovers the sickening dark secrets hidden beneath his community’s façade of perfection.

The film adds further dimension into Lowry’s already controversial novel. In addition to Jonas’s struggles, the film features a severe tension between the Giver (Jeff Bridges) and the Community’s Chief Elder (Meryl Streep), an addition that Lowry herself wishes she had thought of when initially writing the book.

  Streep, Thwaites, and Bridges
Streep, Thwaites, and Bridges

If I haven’t convinced you to give the film a chance yet, consider this. Taylor Swift is in it. Yes, you read that right. The country pop songstress is making her first serious film debut (not including Valentine's Day) as the Giver’s daughter Rosemary. I don’t know how good her acting abilities are, so if anything, you have something potentially…interesting (?) to look forward to when you go.

  Yup, this is a thing...
Yup, this is a thing...

All in all, this movie could potentially become the summer’s dark horse/underdog hit. Check it out when it premiere’s in theaters on August 15.

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