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Hey, welcome back to Villains of the MCU. This time we'll be discussing the villains from Phase 2, where we had some good villains, some bad villains, wtf villains.

Now let's begin:

Iron Man 3

Villain: The Mandarin

First Appearance in the Comics: Tales of Suspense #50

Memorable Quote: "Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. America, ready for another lesson?"

Status: Alive

Ok so I'm gonna go ahead and say that this is my least favorite of all the Marvel movies. I like it, but what ruined it for me were the villains. As I'm sure you all know, the Mandarin wasn't even the Mandarin! It was an actor named Trevor Slatery, who was paid by Aldrich Killian to cover up the blunders of AIM and the Exremis. And before we found this out, I bet we were all stoked to see Ben Kingsley, an amazing actor, portray such an iconic Iron Man villain. Even if the rings didn't have alien technology, I was so excited to see the Mandarin be the leader of a terrorist organization, a real threat, in the the real world but we just got a joke.

Thankfully Marvel retconned the fact that the REAL Mandarin exist, and is the head of the terrorist organization Ten Rings.

Grade: F (Sorry Trevor)

Chances we'll see him in the future: Hopefully we'll see the REAL Mandarin on screen soon. And we might as well see Trevor. Who knows.

Now let's move on to I guess the real villain of Iron Man 3:

Villain: Aldrich Killian

First Appearance in the Comics: Iron Man Vol. 4 #1

Memorable Quote: "I am the Mandarin!" (No your not! Just because you have a tattoo of a Chinese dragon on your body does not make you the Mandarin)

Status: Deceased

What can I say about this character. Well let's start with the few things I liked about him and that he is the founder of AIM and creator of Extremis. I thought the Extremis soldiers were well done and very enjoyable to watch, but no offense to Guy Pierce, I didn't like him so much. Mainly because Aldrich Killian is a bland character. They tried to add more flair to the comics because in his first appearance in the comics he killed himself.

Now I don't mind them adding more dimension to the character but honestly, I found Aldrich Killian really boring to watch on screen in my opinion, and though he honestly isn't the worst villain (my opinion) he isn't the most memorable.

Grade: D

Chances we'll see him in the future: NOPE!

Thor: The Dark World

Villain: Malekith the Accursed

First Appearance in the Comics: Thor #344

Memorable Quote: "Ask yourself: what would you sacrifice, for what you believe?"

Status: Deceased

Ok now like Iron Man 3, I really enjoyed this film but my problem was the villain. I was so excited to see Malekith on screen because aside from Loki, he's my favorite Thor villain from the comics. An evil sorcerer who's sorcery could probably match up with Loki, he poses a threat as he wishes to rule his world Svartalfheim, and will even murder his own people, his own race, killing women and children to accomplish it. A pretty dark and serious villain. Now of course the film will change that, but I was a bit "eh" when the Dark Elves were "extinct"

Malekith wished to plunge all the 9 realms into eternal darkness using the Aether, an Infinity Stone (Reality) that takes a form of liquid or mist, it turns matter into dark matter and it needs host to draw there strengths. Only Malekith knew how to control and wield it's power.

The idea seems cool and everything the problem was that Malekith wasn't fully developed. He wasn't on screen a lot, and all you really see is him just trying to rule the world. Supposedly there was to be more backstory and more dimension to the character but we sadly didn't see it, if we did he could've been a villain we would remember. And Alan Taylor had the good idea of killing him off.

The one thing I loved about the Dark Elves however, were the Kursed. They were bad-ass and they turned that concept beautifully on film. But what bothered me was that in the beginning you see Malekith kill a couple of trained Asgardian soldiers, swiftly and easily, but when Malekith goes against Friga, he get's his ass handed to him by her, it was Algrim who comes to save him and it was Algrim who killed her and it was Algrim who "killed" Loki. If Malekith were to do it, I'm sure it would've been more meaningful and more personnel to Thor and maybe add more dimension to the character.

This was one villain I was disappointed in and would've wished for the antagonist to be better. Maybe next the Thor film.

Grade: D

Chances we'll see him in the future: Never

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Villain: Bucky Barnes A.K.A. The Winter Soldier

First Appearance in the Comics: Captain America Comics #1 (Bucky) Captain America Vol. 5 #1

Memorable Quote: "Who the hell is Bucky?"

Status: Alive

Ok so let me just say that The Winter Soldier is the best film adaptation of a comic. Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America is one of the best and if you read the arc and saw the movie, you will see that there are MANY similar elements. The most noticeable is when Steve see's the Winter Soldier without his mask and he says, "Bucky?" And the response was, "Who the hell is Bucky?" That was amazing, exactly like the comics it was wonderful. This was the film that restored lost faith in Phase 2.

Let's rewind a bit where we remember Bucky as Steve's childhood friend, you can see the bond that these 2 have, almost like brothers. Now in the First Avenger Bucky falls of a train where we assume he dies. But in the comic book world, no one really dies, he comes back as The Winter Soldier. THE Assassin. Found by Russians they revived Bucky, erased all of his past memories, where they taught him to be a killing machine and built a cybernetic arm with a red star. (Mother Russia) And after a mission is complete, they freeze his body in a cryogenic chamber until they need to use him again, which could be years in the future. The Winter Soldier was Russia's top assassin. And at some point Hydra took him and used him as their own assassin.

One thing that is amazing about this villain was that he was literally ripped off the pages of the comics I mean look...

Grade: A-

Chances we'll see him in the future: Hahaha did you see the after credits?

The best villain to transition from comic to film. And we should all know by now, hopefully, (potential spoiler) that Bucky becomes Captain America so his status as a villain doesn't really last long. And as amazing as he was, The Winter Soldier is a henchman. The real Villain behind this was...

Villain: Alexander Pierce

First Appearance in the Comics: Nick Fury vs Shield #3

Memorable Quote: "Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped the century. And I need you to do it one more time."

Status: Deceased

In the comics Alexander Pierce was a well known Shield agent, they changed him a bit in the film. Alexander Pierce is supposed to be Alexander Lukin from the Winter Soldier story line. But regardless, Robert Redford did justice to this character, making him a surprisingly menacing villain. He honestly believed he was doing justice, which was fascinating. And the whole Shield being compromised by Hydra since the very beginning of the organization was incredibly brilliant. One thing I was really hoping was that he was the Red Skull in disguise, it has happened in the comics in the past. I would've love to see that but it sadly didn't happen. Pierce was a normal man, which actually kinda makes him more threatening.

Grade A-

Chances we'll see him in the future: Hail No

Guardians of the Galaxy

Villain: Ronan the Accuser

First Appearance in the comics: Fantastic Four #65

Memorable Quotes: "You call me boy, but I will unleash a thousand years of Kree justice upon Xandar and burn it to the core And then Thanos, I'm coming for you!"

  • "Xandar, you stand accused. Your wretched peace treaty is the very tinder for which you burn!"
  • "I don't remember killing your family. I doubt I'll remember killing you either."
  • "They call me terrorist. Radical. Zealot. All because I follow the ancient law of my people the Kree."

Status: Deceased

As you can probably tell Ronan is my favorite villain in all the MCU (aside from Loki) you can obviously see the crazed zealot of the old ways in Ronan. A true "psychopath."

I was always a fan of Ronan in the comics and Lee Pace portrayed him magnificently, he truly captured a hellbent fanatic of the Kree Empire. Unlike Malekith from the Dark World, who isn't really fleshed out as much. And if you really think about it, Ronan is very similar to Malekith but with more screen time. Malekith had the potential to be bad-ass but we sadly have gotten another forgettable villain. It's a shame, however that Ronan had to pass, I would've liked to see more of him on screen because in the comics he jumps around from being good to bad and bad to good.

The costume change is the best ever done in the MCU. Better than the original. I mean WOW. I loved Ronan. Some people say they didn't like him, that he was another forgettable villain but I'm a fan of Lee Pace and I thought he was astounding in this role. Now obviously he could've been developed more, but he was just as menacing as Loki in my opinion. Only difference Loki has been in 3 movies.

But one thing I think that makes Ronan a bit better than Loki is that Ronan had the audacity to turn against Thanos. Loki failed his mission. Ronan defied Thanos and would've killed him if he had succeeded. So that is why I love Ronan

Grade: A

Chances we'll see him in the future: Sadly No /:

That about raps it up for me. I'll make another post on future villains and possible villains we could see in the future.


Who was your favorite villain of Phase 2?


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