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What with Joss Whedon having teased four major female roles in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the addition of Wonder Woman to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice having raised the 'strong female superhero' stakes up a notch, the race to be the next Marvel superheroine to take to the big screen is very much on.

The next contender to throw her name into the ring? Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Eliza Dushku. Her chosen rumored-to-appear-soon superheroine? The Hulk's much, much smarter cousin herself - She-Hulk.

Speaking at Fandomfest in Louisville, Kentucky this past weekend, Dushku was asked who she would want to play in the Avengers franchise, she played it cool...initially:

“I don’t know. I feel like Scarlett Johannson said recently, I’m not going to be comparing myself to her, but she said something like, ‘I consider myself an actor for hire. And if somebody is inspired and sees me in a certain way that’s exciting.’”


“And I mean I’ve been voicing the green chick, She-Hulk, now for two seasons...We’re in our second season of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. And that might be kind of fun.”

Because, of course, being sensibly cautious is fun and all, but getting the chance to broadly angle for a part as a fan-favorite superhero in your ol' buddy Joss Whedon's movie? That's like double Christmas.

Especially when you're already voicing her:

The thing is, though, Dushku isn't the only candidate out there - and with no word yet from Marvel about a preference, we thought we'd let you guys have a say about who you'd like to see play She-Hulk.

Here are our top five alternative candidates:

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Why: Years of experience on Buffy the Vampire Slayer means Joss Whedon knows exactly what she's about - plus a whole generation of fans is already in love with her. The only downside? Eliza Dushku will definitely hold a grudge.

The Really Why: 'Cause she might not be able to sing, but she sure can kick a whole lot ass while doing it:

Jessica Biel

The Why: She's tough, but in a way that doesn't scare villagers (or Justin Timberlake). She's also repeatedly demonstrated that she can excel no matter what material she's given (don't worry, 2010's The A-Team, I still love you), so imagine what she'd do with a genuinely well-scripted superhero part.

The Really Why: Have you seen Blade Trinity? That:

Angie Harmon

The Why: She really, really wants it. As in, posts pictures of herself as She-Hulk level of wants it:

The Really Why: She's repeatedly demonstrated in Rizzoli and Isles that she can do the banter that a MCU appearance would demand - and has the gravitas to pull off a hero:

Gina Carano

The Why: Three letters: M. M. A. If you want a She-Hulk who actually looks like she could break you, Carano's your woman.

The Really Why: If you've already seen Haywire, you probably aren't asking this question:

Anna Faris

The Why: Aside from the possibility of her and Star-Lord meeting, and it being the cutest thing ever (what with her and Chris Pratt being married in real life and all)? Well, she's funny. As in, seriously funny. Which seems to be a prerequisite for being cast in the Avengers series. Just ask Cobie Smulders.

The Really Why: Because she deserves to star in a Superhero movie that isn't My Super Ex-Girlfriend:

So then - now for the big question. Who do you guys think should play She-Hulk (whether in [The Avengers 3](movie:738027) or elsewhere)?


Decision time: Who should be She-Hulk?



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