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As is often the way with Hollywood, the box office loves what the critics hate. Especially so for the bajillion dollar man himself, Michael Bay. As of last week, his latest instalment in the Transformers franchise has earned $1 billion dollars worldwide.

Let's just think about that for a second...a movie that The Guardian likened to "techno-futurist porn" is worth more than the GDP of some smaller nations. Bay himself is beginning to resemble some kind of smoothed-out Austin Powers villain, hand hovering over the big red button of CGI oblivion.

But, always one to come to the defense of its directors, Paramount chairman Brad Gray issued the following statement:

Along with the immensely talented and versatile Mark Wahlberg, the great Steven Spielberg as executive producer, and a superb cast, he created a powerful re-launch of this franchise. This tremendous accomplishment – to be the first film of 2014 to earn over $1 billion at the box office – proves once again that Michael is a world-class filmmaker at the top of his game.

Whatever the case, the franchise shows no sign of stopping, with Transformers 5 slated for 2016.

(Source: Comic Book Movie)


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