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Piracy is a given these days, but Lionsgate, the company behind action blockbuster The Expendables 3, isn't having any of it. The company has lawyered-up after an advance copy of the movie was leaked online.

The file has already been downloaded over a million times - but that's not to say that anyone can trace who first got their hands on it - Lionsgate has simply filed a complaint against "John Does 1-10". The complaint targets sites such as and

Ahead of the film's August 15th release, Lionsgate has been sending demand letters to multiple torrent sites to try and stop the process in its tracks, but to no avail.

This new lawsuit demands that the operators of the sites are stopped from hosting, linking to, distributing, reproducing, selling or performing The Expendables 3. Not only that, but that the individuals concerned are prohibited from operating the sites or from transferring their assets.

They may be the big guns, but whether Lionsgate will have any success remains to be seen.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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