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Big in Japan
Jess O'Kane

Everyone stop what you're doing. It doesn't matter. Because the Killer Robots! Crash and Burn trailer has landed and it's crazier than cray.

If you don't know who Killer Robots! are, they're basically a band who prefer to dress as robots, because who wouldn't? As a sideline they produce movies of themselves being robots, doing robot things.

It turns out that means shooting purple laser bolts at tiny Asian women, whilst floating mechanical heads revolve around in costumes that look like the fever dream of Inspector Gadget.

The visuals are actually pretty decent, considering it has the tone of a Japanese game show amped up to a thousand. As you'd expect, the soundtrack sounds like someone dropping a synthesiser onto a car horn from a great hight. But that's good, because nothing else would do it justice.

You'll notice that there are no words in this trailer, because there are no words for what you're about to witness.

(Source: Giant Freakin Robot)


How much is Killer Robots! Crash and Burn going to change your life?


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