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Fresh from his adventures on The Social Network, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and House of Cards, director David Fincher is currently tackling Gillian Flynn's bestselling novel of American unease, [Gone Girl](movie:833123).

On her fifth wedding anniversary, Amy Dunne mysteriously disappears. She's simply gone, vanished from the face of the earth. Did her seemingly flawless husband Nick commit a crime? Ben Affleck headlines as the downsized hubbie to Rosamund Pike's missing wife, becalmed back in his Missouri hometown and targeted as the main murder suspect.

Check out these new Gone Girl posters

As a huge [Gone Girl](movie:833123) purist and a fan of the book's ending, I'll say that I believe its mood and meaning are just as important as the actual events of the book. And by the look of these posters - showing an eerie Affleck searching for "Amazing Amy" - it seems as though they have both covered.

Plus, with a reputation for producing some of the best thrillers in recent years, including Se7en, Fight Club and Zodiac, Fincher seems a perfect fit for the source material. Consider my interest officially piqued!


Have Flynn and Fincher got Gone Girl under control?

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