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In another story of crowdfunding success, director James Merendino returns with the follow up to 1999 cult classic SLC Punk!

The anarchic original starred Matthew Lillard as "Stevo" Levy and Michael A. Goorjihan as Heroin Bob, two punk fans trying to emulate their idols in Salt Lake City. Cue a brilliant soundtrack, sketchy camera angles and many questionable hairstyles.

The trailer for Merendino's long-awaited follow up suggests much of the same hijinks, with most of the original cast returning. Lillard, however, is noticeably absent - a fact that may put many returning fans off.

Nonetheless, with a focus on a new generation of punks (including Heroin Bob's son), Punk's Dead looks like a fun nostalgia trip for both Merendino and any 90s kid that ever used shower gel to fashion a temporary mohawk (guilty). Though it remains distributor-less at the moment, the film is slated for release next January.

Watch the trailer below.

(Source: IndieWire)


Will the SLC Punk sequel be worth the wait?


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