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A huge number of Vampire Diaries fans were banking on Stefan and Elena banding together to rescue Damon from whichever dimension he is stuck in, but Paul Wesley has teased that the younger Salvatore brother just isn't that into it.

The 32-year-old actor revealed that, although his character took off and left Mystic Falls behind after Bonnie and Damon's 'death', he certainly isn't rushing off to look for his lost brother and friend.

Wesley also warned TVFanataic that fans will be greeted by a darker Stefan Salvatore than they have seen before. [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) star explained that;

He decides that he doesn't want to have any part. He's doing his thing and he's completely disinterested, he's apathetic, he's given up

Which leads me to wonder, what exactly will Stefan be up to in season six?

Wesley has already teased that he will be totally over his ex-grilfriend Elena in the new season during an interview with MTV at SDCC. He explained that;

There's no two ways about it, nobody likes a mopey, whipped dude. Viewers appreciate a character that's strong, and decisive, and masculine. I think he's moved on, and I think that's a sexy quality

With most of Stefan's most important speculated storylines seeming more and more improbable, surely this has to be the season of 'Steroline'?

I know I'm shipping them!


Are you looking forward to seeing a dark new Stefan in TVD season 6?

(Source: International Business Times via MTV and TVFanatic)


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