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Adam Sandler might be best know as a perennial funny man, but the 47-year-old actor also proved he has a heart of gold by going out of his way to call a young fan battling cancer.

When 8-year-old Grady Lynch was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia the only thing that kept him in high spirits was watching his favorite Sandler flicks.

Grady's family recognized how the Grown Ups actor kept their sick child smiling through such rough times, so they set about posting pleas on the internet to try and reach the star.

After posting a heart-warming video of Grady asking his idol to come to a family BBQ, the popular Ask Your Dad blog was contacted by Sandler's people at the request of the actor himself.

Sandler later personally called Grady, and his parents report that the Hollywood heavy weight and their son "really hit it off".

  Grady on the phone to Adam Sandler
Grady on the phone to Adam Sandler

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't thought of Sandler for years, but I will remember him differently after hearing this touching tale.

It's easy for celebrities to have selective hearing when it comes to performing altruistic acts for their fans, but as a parent, Sandler clearly understood what this family was going through.

Keep smiling, Grady!


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(Source: The Daily Mail via Ask Your Dad)


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