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Everybody's favorite Hollywood anti-hero is finally granting all of my scandal seeking wishes by penning a tell-all autobiography bursting with juicy insider info about her addictions and a-list lovers.

The affectionately nicknamed 'apricot ashtray' might be trying to give her career a kick up the freckled ass with a West End play in London and a brand new movie, but Lilo clearly knows it's her turbulent private life that holds the most intrigue.

And there's plenty for the 28-year-old actress to scribble about... In under 10 years Lilo has racked up a staggering 6 court-ordered stints in rehab and several long weekends behind bars.

According to The Sun, Lohan has been attending scores of meetings with major publishing houses and has promised not to hold back on any of the grizzly, sordid details. They announced that;

Lindsay held meetings at major publishing houses in London recently - and the stories she promised the literary agents made their jaws drop. She's prepared to put everything out there.

This apparently includes coughing up the truth about a leaked list of famous lovers which implied that Lilo has slipped between the sheets with the likes of Colin Farrell, Justin Timberlake and James Franco.

But, after all this excitement, I think it's time for all all to bow our heads and put our hands together in prayer for the poor soul who has to ghost write this hot mess. Let's just say I think they will be in need of Lohan's $2500 dollar a day 'sober coach' half way through the project...


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(Source: The Daily Mail via The Sun)


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