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Hercules is a movie about being a Damn Hero...which is where Craig Mallinson must have got his inspiration. Movie-mad Craig proposed to his girlfriend Jessica Cupitt in the coolest way.

When the couple went to see Hercules at their local cinema, Jessica had no idea that Craig (obviously a total romantic!) had made a special short film of his own to be shown before Hercules began.

The film showed Craig going about every day activities but ended with the beautiful message that "this was just to show that no matter how dull my day is, I come home to find you at the end of it."


The touching film then asked Jessica to look under her seat for a present that he hoped "will last a lifetime."

Naturally, such a thoughtful proposal got an immediate 'Yes!'

This Herculean act of romanticism has raised the bar for proposals everywhere. Game on, guys...



Do you think this is the most romantic proposal ever?

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