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La Fabrique de Posters® Illustrations by Maxime Crouzet dedicated to the art of movie poster.
Maxime Crouzet

Our illustrator from France, Maxime Crouzet, returns with an illustration based on the upcoming "Mad Max: Fury Road". This film will be a return to George Miller’s apocalyptic vision which began with “Mad Max” and continued through "The Road Warrior" and "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome". Expect lots of explosions and mayhem!

For history, Maxime went through many concepts and finally found what looked like him and mustered his passion: the movie posters. After several participations in exhibitions throughout the United States whose last the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles on art tribute to Roger Corman and Joe Dante, it will also work on an alternative movie poster with writer Jack Reher for the movie "Grizzly" directed by David Hackl to be released this fall.

Another awesome example of the power of a minimal illustration to capture the essence of a movie franchise!

  Mad Max: Fury Road Poster by La Fabrique de Posters
Mad Max: Fury Road Poster by La Fabrique de Posters

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