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Jay Terrell was born a human being on the planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy of the Terran Solar System. All evidence to the contrary that

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Violet is going to "do bad things to you". I'm Jay and this is my weekly True Blood review. My main gripe about this episode is the screen time they gave Lafayette and Tara's crazy ass mom, I mean what was the point? They might as well left them out. I know it was a set up for next but it was completely unnecessary. I got to see grandpa Niall, a favorite of mine, again he loves spaghetti and so do I we've got so much in common! But really this episode as mainly about the cure, and Arlene getting some, dream or not she still got some so good for her! To get the rest of my review check out the video above! Dueces!


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