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Hello again, Moviepilot. It's Kaleb. Today I would like to answer the question every average moviegoer who sees a Marvel film asks, "What just happened after the credits?" I'm going explain each post-credits scene. If you haven't seen any of these yet and don't want SPOILERS, don't read any further! Ready? Here We Go!

Phase 1:

2008: Iron Man - "The Avengers Initiative"

Scene Description: "Tony Stark comes home from his press conference in which he just told the world he was Iron Man. He turns on the lights. There standing by his couch is a man in a big, black leather jacket with his back turned. 'I am Iron Man', says the man. 'Who are you?' replies Tony Stark. 'Tony Stark', says the man as he ignores Stark, 'you think you're the only super hero in the world? You've become apart of a bigger universe.' 'Who are you?' Tony asks again. The man turns around and smiles to reveal Samuel L. Jackson. 'Nick Fury, director of SHIELD. I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.' Cut to black."

Overall Message: Tony Stark becomes involved in a bigger universe and so begins the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2008: The Incredible Hulk - "Team"

Scene Description: "A man in a nice suit walks into a bar. At the bartender is General Ross. The man walks up to him and says, 'I hate to say i told you so general, but there's a reason we put that super soldier serum on ice.' 'Tony Stark, why do you always where such nice suits?' replies General Ross. 'Touche' responds Stark. 'So what brings you here?' says Ross 'What if I told you we were putting a team together.' Stark replies 'Who's we?' responds Ross. Tony smirks at him and the scene cuts to black.'"

Overall Message: As revealed in the Marvel One-Shot "The Consultant", Agent Coulson sends Tony Stark to annoy General Ross so that he, instead of giving the Abomination to the Avengers as well as Hulk, only gives The Avengers the Hulk and full pardon to Banner. By just the scene alone however, it reveals the Avengers initiative is a team, and they want the Hulk on it.

2010: Iron Man 2 - "We Found It"

Scene Description: "A black car pulls up over a clearing. A man in a black suit steps out. The man is Agent Coulson. He looks at the object in the clearing. Then pulls out his phone calls Director Fury. As he turns his back to the object he says, 'Sir, we've found it.' The camera then pans and zooms in on the object which is revealed to be Thor's hammer. Scene then cuts to black."

Overall Message: This scene picks up on the line left by Coulson who leaves during the film to a disturbance in New Mexico. This leads into Thor.

2011: Thor - "Interesting"

Scene Description: Nick Fury and Dr. Erik Selvig are walking in a underground SHIELD facility. 'Thank you for agreeing to meet doctor.' says Fury. 'I thought you were bringing me down here to kill me.' jokes Selvig, though Fury is clearly not amused. 'Take a look at this.' he says. The silver case opens to reveal a glowing blue cube. As Selvig stares at this Loki appears in his reflection and looks at it as well. Then Loki looks at Selvig and whispers, 'well, i guess that's worth a look.' Selvig then turns to Fury and repeats what Loki just said with a green flash in his eye. Scene cuts to black."

Overall Message: Nick Fury is basically asking Selvig to help them unlock the Tesseract. Not only does this set up The Avengers, it also gives something to go on as it leads into Captain America: The First Avenger.

2011: Captain America: The First Avenger - "Teaser Trailer"

Scene Description: "The scene starts with Cap letting loose on a punching back. After breaking the punching bag with his punch, Nick Fury walks in. 'Can't sleep?' Cap replies, 'Here with a mission sir, trying to get me back into the world?' Fury replies, 'Trying to save it.' Cap looks up at him which leads in to montage of clips and scenes from The Avengers movie. It cuts to black after the Avengers logo comes on screen."

Overall Message: Marvel gave us a taste of The Avengers by releasing the first teaser trailer of The Avengers.

2012: The Avengers - "Thanos"

Scene Description: "The scene opens on where we saw Loki arguing with the odd alien man. The alien informs Thanos of Loki's failure and of The Avenger sand their might. 'To challenge them is to court Death.' After hearing these words, Thanos half turns to the screen and cracks a smile. Scene cuts to black and then the credits begin to roll again."

Overall Message: Marvel introduced us to Thanos, the Mad Titan who is in love with Death. Again, Death is a character in Marvel lore in which Thanos wishes to marry. Recently in the comics, Deadpool runs away with Death which incurs the wrath of Thanos. Obviously, we won't be seeing Deadpool in MCU due to ownership rights (curse you Fox). Thanos recently turned up again in Guardians of the Galaxy working with Ronan.

2012: The Avengers - "Shwarma"

Scene Description/Overall Message: What you see here is pretty much the whole scene. There is no talking. This was actually added to the film the night before the release. That's why Captain America has his fist over is mouth so it hides his beard.

So that sums up Phase 1 and Marvel did a pretty bang up job!

  You said it Thor!
You said it Thor!

Alright, you heard the man! On to...

Phase 2

2013: Iron Man 3 - "Counseling"

Scene Description: "We find out that Iron Man was telling everything that happened in Iron Man 3 to Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). Bruce wakes up and says that he hasn't been listening to a single thing Tony has said. Scene cuts to black."

Overall Message: I personally think was lame. It was rumored we'd see Iron Man head off into space to meet up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This was however scrapped due to Robert Downey Jr's unsureness in continuing the role. After the release of the movie, RDJ announced his return. This only told us that the Science Bros kept in touch after Avengers.

2013: Thor: The Dark World - "The Collector"

Scene Description: "Sif and Volstagg travel to a giant space museum. There they see a bunch of trinkets and Easter eggs such as Adam Warlock's cocoon. They meet with The Collector and tell him that it isn't safe to have two infinity stones in Asgard. They give him the Aether (the power stone) and leave. After they leave, The Collector says, 'One down, five to go.' Scene cuts to black."

Overall Message: This scene confirms Marvel is using the Infinity Stones storyline, which Thanos (of the Avenger post credit scene) is after the six stones to power his Infinity Gauntlet which was seen in Odin's treasure room in Thor (2011). The Collector is obviously after them, but it remains unclear if he is collecting them for himself or Thanos. Also Adam Warlock is a huge part of that story. Just saying

Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock
The Infinity Stones
The Infinity Stones

2013: Thor: The Dark World - "Midgard"

Scene Description/Overall Message: There is no dialogue in this scene. Thor and Jane kiss passionately as one of the monsters from the movie runs by. The only important fact from this scene is that has moved to Earth, forfeiting the throne to Loki posing as Odin.

2014: Captain America: The Winter Soldier - "The Twins"

Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch
Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

Scene Description: "The scene opens with Baron von Strucker speaking with his Hydra men. He reveals Loki's Scepter from the last Avengers film and then shows us the twins. Pietro & Wanda Maximoff....Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch. Scene cuts to black and then credits start back up."

Overall Message: This sets up Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Twins and Baron von Strucker are confirmed to be in the next avengers film. They are called gifted rather than mutants due to the rights issue (again, curse you Fox).

2014: Captain America: The Winter Soldier - "Bucky"

Scene Description/Overall Message: No speaking is in this scene. Bucky travels back to the Captain America museum exhibit and sees himself in the display, causing many Bucky memories to rush back into his head. Not an important Marvel scene but aids in setting up Captain America 3.

2014: Guardians of the Galaxy - "Groot"

I Am Groot
I Am Groot

Scene Description/Overall Message: There is no talking in this scene. This scene takes place right after the title card appears. Baby Groot is jamming out the incredible GotG soundtrack behind Drax The Destroyer. Drax turns around from sharpening his knife and Groot freezes, when Drax looks away, Groot continues as the credits cut in. Nothing is to be taken away from this scene except that Groot is fine and prove that this soundtrack is the bomb!!

And last, but not least...

I must warn you...SPOILER ALERT!!!!

2014: Guardians of the Galaxy - "1986"

He looks more CGI then I remember....
He looks more CGI then I remember....

Scene Description: "The scene opens on the Collector's museum, which is in shatters from the opening of the Space Stone (inside the Orb). The CCCP dog walks over to the Collector and licks his wounds. We then hear a voice say, 'Why do you let him lick you like that...' The camera then pans to Howard The Duck, who's drinking a martini in his signature red suit. 'Gross.' he says as the camera cuts to black."

Overall Message: Despite what many people think, Howard The Duck will not be getting a reboot! Thank the Lord. This was merely a comedy scene as well as a homage to the creators who also created the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed my guide to post-credit scenes! Comment below what you want to me to Top 10 next.


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