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If the idea of watching Hornswoggle murder people while made up like a mythical creature on your TV wasn't epic enough for you, then today is your lucky (ha, pun) day! According to Variety, Lionsgate and WWE Studios have decided to give [Leprechaun: Origins](movie:390402) a limited release in theaters after audiences at SDCC went wild for the darker approach to the goofy Leprechaun mythos. Initially, the studios only intended to release the film on VOD platforms on August 26, but now you may have the chance to see Leprechaun origin story in theaters staring August 22!

While the original Leprechaun films (starring Warwick Davis in the title role) went heavy on the cheese, sending our wee villain to Compton... and space... [Leprechaun: Origins](movie:390402) actually takes place in Ireland. Directed Zach Lipovsky from a script written by Harris Wilkinson, the trailer (below) certainly makes this film look slightly more ominous.

Additionally, based on the poster and what we see in the trailer, it is clear that the filmmakers behind this reboot are going for a more traditional approach to the leprechaun mythology, as opposed to what we've gotten used to on decades of greetings cards. Whether or not audiences outside of SDCC 2014 respond to new version of the myth remains to be seen.


Will you see 'Leprechaun: Origins' in theaters?


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