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Whatever you do. Do not waist your money to go see the new Hercules movie. If your kid you will like it! But if your an adult! & Know what good movies are. Hercules was def not that great!!

It was alright but was it worth the 12 bucks? For me not today.

Save your dough for a rental. Red Box. Or Netflix.
I wish they would have went with more serious approach than just this whacked out!! Hooboody hoo blah!! CG! And made up mythical events that hand nothing to do with Hercules...

And where in the hell did someone tell them to write in the movie scrip! Hercules your hair locks are made of Lama testicles!! U serious movie directors?? No I'm only kidding!!

Honestly I'm a big Rock fan! & I liked all his movies. But to take on one of my favorite mythical characters should have done him more justice.

The movie was all CG to the max! which is incredible if you like CG movies. The movie was all just about how the great things in the beginning of a film take place, leaving the rest of the film kind of boring, filled with lots of in between CG Giant sequences but a few laughable moments.

Laughable moments meaning the parts that were very serious in this movie version of Hercules were pretty funny scenes. But I read many books, and short stories about Hercules. I really didn't see any strong connections from the books.

Nothing in this movie was really great! except for small excerpts they added. Like the monsters [Hercules](movie:365390) fought which only served as over blown monumental CG Effect Moments.

But not all parts of the movie were bad, just the CG was just one point I was mentioning that was torturing for me CG just takes away the strength of the film, it adds a gem of seeing something really cool on screen, but we all have seen to many times already in lord of the rings movies, and dungeon and dragon movies to know that we can see from CG Dragons & Giant monsters. Game of thrones has done it all to well.

If you were going to do a good CG movie. At least add the CG in a few scenes but hold off those CG moments in later parts of the film. I say to directors create the terror that is the monster on screen, let us grow over the hump first in the movie then when your ready to scare the living hell out of us, do so with the right approach, with a build up then BAM! Let us be in fear for our Hero Hercules or our Co-stars who were involved in the money making CG industry I call CG Entertainment.

"A great reminder was from Homer Oddyseyy" The Giant Cyclops Vs Odysseus

I think the Odyssey movie with Armand Assante held a stronger tone it at least made me feel like Odysseus was facing near death when striking passed Cilla the three headed serpent monster!! & Almost being swallowed whole by Charybdis.

Back to the movie Hercules...

The whole time in the movie theater from the kids section a huge uproar of wows! WHOA! Could be heard Which was cool to hear! Glad the kids were loving it! I'm a child at heart and tried to follow behind those cheers! But sadly my inner child fell short! But the more serious moments I did laugh was when I would see the kids reactions to the explicit moments Hercules was faced with when being seduced by a maiden lady.

"Which nearly happens at least once in every Rock Movie"

I could have seen this movie for free on a life-time channel or AMC!

"Oh he fights a lion" Cool the lion looked over the top and bigger than him! Yea sure it is supposed to be a Mythical story! But are you really going to mesmerize my common sense to believe that your actually fighting a lion! At least the Odyssey made me believe oh he is about to be devoured by a 3 headed Serpent beast, and it was done in the 90s.

I seen moments in a Narnia movie! That were just like this! Over the top CG! & Pretty cool looking. So what am I supposed to think. The Rock was giving props to Narnia!

Holding up the Brama Sword! With the Lions Skin over his head! Leading his Army of heroes into battle!! CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE HERCULES IS! COOKING!!

A whack under toned battle which almost put me to sleep!! I love the rock and most will just say oh Prime is hating!!

But to be honest I'm not hating on the guy at all! Just the movie from an adults perspective wasn't that great! But it was good to see him in a action adventure.

If anybody out their has seen Scorpion King Or The Mummy 2. With Brenden Fraser would know that The Rock can do great in these kind of mythical action, family,adventure, historical settings. Just this one was slightly terrible.

So from a kids perspective I guess you can say it was the best movie! Maybe Of the year!! Or the moment!

This movie will keep you entertained and add some high value! CG Animation!

It will make you feel if your a lady damn! Look at them ROCKY Muscles! ha ha which some if not all the ladies were soaking up there lips from seeing the rock upper half naked body like OMG! Daaamn.

But other than the half naked male body parts you will see. The movie falls short in leaping any real organic feel that connects with the mythical stories I read in books, or share any real intimate memories that had me in my movie seat like Wow! That was amazing! No references! no reminders. Just...The thought of...Why does The rock have a lion skin on his head!! NO Rock Just no...

To be honest the Hercules that Kevin Sorbo represented was 1000 light years better. Than What I seen in this movie. I swear that's all I thought about the whole time watching it! I was like Kevin Sorbo Hercules was better.

Kevin Sorbo Hercules Legendary Journey's had a more humble approach, and it made me feel organic in all ways that I could believe there was a time long ago, between myths and legends that a man who was on this earth between space and time could be saving us from evil monsters, solving the problems of humanity, and protecting us people from the wicked gods, and humans who would set to have the world in the palm of their own selfish vices.

I think if you went with the 300 approach that Zack Snyder did. Maybe Hercules would have had more of a humble beginning. Adding certain flash back moments to discuss the background of who is Hercules in Rocks Portrayal of Hercules.

Raise the bar is what I say. Raise the bar and bring about something more into a Hercules movie. Something more creditable in a story sense, that can be discussed within a whore book readers creative imagination.

Point Blank period the movie falls short, but the attempt was valid, just didn't refill my hour glass of the time I had lost in the hour spent wondering will the movie get for better or for worse.

Sorry Rocky!! I still love your other movies just this one didn't ROCK!!


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