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Aquaman and Wonder Woman Rock Climbing Ahead Of Justice League?

Rumors of Jason Momoa being cast as [Aquaman](movie:264237) for the upcoming Justice League movie have been nothing if not controversial. Many of the arguments seem to center on the fact that he doesn't have blonde hair (because there is absolutely no way to change hair color. Nope. Not one.), but there have also been comments about his actual acting ability. I, for one, am very pro-Jason, and think that facially, he looks amazing for the part! (Read my debate about this role here.)

  Jason Momoa, tough enough already
Jason Momoa, tough enough already

So far, it is only a rumor (and one thus far teasingly denied by Momoa, although all that means is that he isn't able to talk about it), but new photos from the star's Instagram on Friday are adding fuel to the fire.

On the face of it, this looks like nothing. So...he's indoor climbing, big whoop. Momoa is an avid climber, so this should be nothing new. However, on the same day, another star posted a very similar photo to Instagram.

Gal Gadot, aka Wonderwoman, captioned this shot "Rock climbing with the one and only, my zen master, Mark Twight!!". It's no secret that Twight, the man responsible for carving Henry Cavill's body into shape to play Superman, has been helping Gadot buff up for her role; so will he be working with the entire [Justice League](movie:401267)?

From the photos, it looks like Twight may be working with both Gadot and Momoa, which would suggest that Jason will, in fact, be taking on Aquaman. Of course, Momoa doesn't exactly have the same issue that Gadot did, of fans wondering if he would be buff enough for the role, but still.

Of course, it could be a simple coincidence, where both actors happened to go climbing and post about it on the same day, at what looks like the same gym (then again, most climbing walls look the same!).

What do you think?


Do you think this confirms Momoa as Aquaman?


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