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With [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) released to huge box office success, Marvel fans are looking to Avengers: Age of Ultron to step up the game and continue the studio's massive success. In this clip from IGN (interviewing at SDCC), we hear all about the upcoming addition to Marvel's cinematic universe from Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, and Samuel L Jackson.

Watch the full ten-minute video interview here.

There's a lot of very positive talk about James Spader as Ultron, with Cobie Smulders mentioning how hard it is for her to watch him on set without becoming distracted by how good he is!

He was doing this magnificent speech was like, you were trying to be kind of scared, you're trying to figure out what he is saying, but it's also captivating, because he is so talented, that it was mesmerizing.

If Cobie Smulders can get distracted when trying to act just by the strength of his skills while reading, I can only imagine how incredible he will be on screens in full CGI glory.

We also heard a little about what is happening with Nick Fury, especially after the end of [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), when he faked his own death and left the Avengers behind. Fury will be back in Age of Ultron, and Jackson revealed that he is still in touch with the individual Avengers, however, he will not be playing a huge part in the new movie.

We know he's not dead, he's just sorta...between fights. He's off, trying to find Jules on that journey that he's taking. [He will pop back in] just for a second.

When talking about her character, Cobie Smulders talks about her "gainful employment" with Stark industries, but more interestingly, drops in a line that may tease about any future involvement that she has with the TV series Marvel: [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469).

She very decidedly states that "there is no more SHIELD", which lines up with the end of The Winter Soldier, but not entirely with the end of Agents of Shield season one. In the show, (spoilers) the original SHIELD is destroyed, however, Fury tasks Coulson with building a new agency based on the original principles and ideals.

Is Smulders telling us that the TV and theatrical universes will become much more separate now, as the Avengers truly believe that SHIELD is entirely gone, or will we see Maria Hill return to the show in season two?

It sounds like we will also see a lot more of the Avengers just hanging out, as the cast talked about how the "human element" would be a much bigger part of this new movie. I'm really stoked to see the characters as "normal" people as well as superheroes (as normal as they can ever be, that is), and found a lot of the interaction between them when not on the battlefield to be some of the funniest parts of Avengers.

Who else thinks that Avengers 2 should include them all going for Shawarma?

Last but not least, we heard that Hawkeye will get a much bigger role the second time around. Sadly, the Hawkeye that we saw in the first movie was very much the least important Avenger, and seemed to be the least well-received (there's probably a connection there). I really feel that Hawkeye deserves a little more recognition as the bad-ass that he is in the books, and I'm excited to see that this will be happening.

The stuff that Joss and I initially talked about in the first one just didn't make it in. It feels kind of fun to explore his voice, (because he does speak in this one!) his wry sense of humor and his sarcasm. He has a little bit more to do in this one.

The really interesting part about giving Hawkeye a larger role is the possibility of Marvel gearing up for a solo Hawkeye movie, or (as I think may be more likely) a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie (maybe even explaining Budapest!). At this point, he is really the only team member who has not appeared in another movie (seeing as Black Widow was in The Winter Solider), and it would make sense to bulk out the character before giving him one of his own.

Edit: Yes, I am aware of his cameo in Thor. The point is that he has not appeared as a main character in another movie. A few scenes in a movie doesn't rule out the probability of him getting a solo (or duo!) project, while I feel that Black Widow's major role in TWS makes it less likely that she will get a solo film.

  The Avengers line up
The Avengers line up

It will be really interesting to see where they go with all of these characters, obviously some time has elapsed between the first Avengers and where we will see Age of Ultron pick up, and I can't wait to find out what everyone has been up to.

Smulders promises that all of the action and stunts will be "bigger and better" than the first one, which seems like a lot to promise, and I hope that it does not disappoint.

With less than twelve months to go until the release date, I'm sure that we will see many (many) more teasers, trailers, images and interviews, and I will be watching them all avidly. Whatever comes next, I have no doubt that it will be incredible. As Smulders herself says "In Joss We Trust".


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