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I've been seeing the rumblings on Twitter for a few weeks and now it's official. NBC's upcoming show based on the Hellblazer comics has been taken to task for dancing around the subject of [Constantine](movie:874314)'s sexuality.

While at SDCC 2014 executive producers Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer participated in a discussion about the show with fans and journalists. Specifically, journalist Lindsey Cepak of, began her questioning with stating that Constantine is bisexual in the comics.

The entire exchange is a little bit awkward. Goyer seems to feel the need to be on the defensive when this topic comes up, yet, doesn't directly answer any of Cepak's questions. Some fans have taken to Twitter to share their concerns over this topic using , so, Goyer shouldn't have been too surprised to have this topic be brought up.

While he never says outright that the show won't be addressing the bisexuality, he has a hard time answering the question matter of factly. Mostly, he seems more concerned over the fact that Constantine's bisexuality was not brought up until twelve years into the comic. Perhaps the NBC show will last 12 plus years and then the subject will be addressed?

Why is this even an issue? Because if you are a member of the bisexual community, completely negating this part of the character is an insult. Adding injury to insult is to imply that because it took twelve years to occur in the comics, clearly, it is not important.

On the other side of this, fans and viewers who don't want Constantine's sexuality to be an issue find this to be an unfortunate and completely unnecessary distraction.

When asked about Goyer's response, Cepak stated “I think he’s being super ambiguous. The actress we interviewed, who will be playing Zed, spoke on the tension that she will have with Constantine, implying it was unresolved sexual tension. So I think we can say that Constantine will eventually have a romantic/sexual relationship with Zed. As I said in the interview, I don’t think anyone was expecting to see Constantine getting out of bed with a man in the pilot. I just think it’s a cop out. I just don’t see why he can’t say openly, if he is going to have [Constantine](series:1128475) be bisexual or not. These half answers and ways of talking around the topic are frustrating, and I think are really disrespectful to the fans of the comics, and for the bisexual community.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video below and come to your own conclusions, but I would love to know....


Do you think the subject of Constantine's sexuality is important?



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