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Reid Jones

A journalist well known for his ability to stir the pot among fan hope and hype, Devin Faraci has come forward claiming that he has inside sources that suggest Marvel Studios has definite plans for Ms. Marvel in the upcoming Avengers sequel.

"I have information about multiple drafts of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and all feature a cameo by a character the script calls Ms. Marvel (nothing else, including a civilian name or basic look, is specified). It's a cameo, so it could change at any time, but the character is planned for the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

This comes after endless rile over Katee Sackhoff's mysteriously unannounced role, which to fan's much disappointment, is not a Marvel movie.

If the claims are a result of the recent Sackhoff hype, then this is rather disappointing. However, if anyone has connections, Faraci would. Could we really be on our way to seeing Ms. Marvel on the big screen?


Would Katee Sackhoff be a good Ms. Marvel?


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