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With the new [Justice League](movie:401267) Movie coming up after Batman vs Superman, and then several solo films after, a lack of solo films for certain DC properties was clearly evident. It seems odd that Shazam and Sandman are getting movies before these 5 supers. The following will be my opinion from least worthy to most worthy.

5. [Cyborg](movie:1043082)

All but confirmed to appear in B v S. There has been no mention of this character appearing in JL or in any film after that. Cyborg is a current member of the JLA and being half human half machine makes him a formidable ally or foe. Cyborg is also a member of the younger teams of super heroes, one of which being the Teen Titans, which is a great way to bring in younger fans. Another pro for him is his ethnicity, the more diverse the world of superheroes the better. The biggest problem faxing Cyborg is he's more of a team member and not an stand alone guy.

4. Hawkman (and all the Hawks)

  Hawks strike fear in the hearts of, uh, people who are afraid of birds?
Hawks strike fear in the hearts of, uh, people who are afraid of birds?

[Hawkman](movie:1069724) is , on my opinion, a very underrated superhero. He can fly, fight, awing an axe, and has an awesome costume. Add to the fact you could bring in Hawkwoman and the other hawksomethings and you've got yourself a set of awesome heroes who could all go on their own or join and fight on a team.

3. Martian Manhunter

  He is here to hunt you!
He is here to hunt you!

My personal favorite DC hero. [Martian Manhunter](movie:1067134) was a founding member of the Justice Leaque, so it only makes sense that he would appear in the JL film. The loveable green alien has the ability to shape shift, phase through walls, read minds, telecomunicate, fly, so much more! (He has everything anyone could ever want!) Being from Mars, there are dozens of story lines Warner Bros. could use that feature the Manhunter his own.

2. Aquaman

  King of Alantis
King of Alantis

Another founding member of the JL [Aquaman](movie:264237) is king of the sea. With rumors of Marvel having a Namor film in the works ( Marvel's counter part to Aquaman) it seems to me that Warner Bros should have an even cooler man of the sea. Being a primarily water dwelling man, there are hundreds of stories that could recount Aquaman's adventures without the need to include any other JL members.

1. Zatanna

  The ultimate Sorceress
The ultimate Sorceress

Daughter of Zatara the Magician, Zatanna is also a current member of the JL and a younger character who has been apart of the sidekick teams before. In my opinion the superhero world needs more women in it. And it doesn't appear that Marvel Studios is going to have many female led movies any time soon. And Warner Bros. Already has a Wonder woman movie planned, why not add a Zatanna movie. Zatanna is a socceress who has donned the Fate helmet before. She is also a Homo Magi, a secret race of magicians. This could lead to some very interesting storylines. A solo film of hers could also please to other team up movies like the Seven Soldiers or the Sentinels of Magic.

So who would you like to see have their own movie?

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Who should have a solo film?

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