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I have only read 11 of the 13 books and it is my humble opinion that [True Blood](series:200767) lost it's way after season three concluded, however, I have spent the last six summers religiously attached to my television on Sunday night. Why? Because Charlaine Harris created a really fun world with tons of great characters. Perhaps the book series lasted longer than it should have because of the success of the show and perhaps the show has lasted too many seasons because everyone looks really great naked. Perhaps you completely disagree with everything I just said. The only thing I know for sure is that True Blood jumped the shark at some point during it's run. The real question is when?

Was it when Jason was held as a sex slave at the Meth/Werepanther headquarters?

Maybe it was that time Eric Northman lost his memory and became really sweet.

The Authority should have been awesome, but they had a True Death app. Was the utter failure of The Authority the tipping point? (Way to waste Chris Melloni)

Hmmm.....jumping ahead 6 months is rarely a good sign. What if it jumped the shark while on it's six month mini break?

Was it when Tara was turned? Way to be the WORST BFF ever, Sookie. Everyone knows Tara didn't want to be a vampire.

Maybe it's when Andy does the wild thing with a fairy and many babies are to be had.

Let's not forget about Arlene's possessed baby.

Is it possible that it happened all the way back at the meat statue?

Or maybe not until Russell Edgington comes back only to be annoying and useless.

Wait. Possibly it is when Jessica commits fae homicide on an epic level.

It could have just been the fairies in general.

Or it could have been when Lafayette was possessed by a ghost.

Steve Newlin and Russell Edgington going blood crazy at a fraternity house and then slow dancing may have been the moment...


Nope. It must be Billith.

Or maybe Marnie jumped the shark when she breezed into town?

It could have happened when Sookie's fairy grandfather, Niall, showed up. Rutger Hauer, just wander back over to the [Dracula 3D](movie:1122056) set, o.k.?

Or was it not until the Hep V Vamps?

Maybe it didn't happen until the Crazy 88's, I mean, the Yakuza came out of nowhere.

  For real?
For real?

Over seven seasons [True Blood](series:200767) has never lacked for whacked out story lines, but which one just went too far and made your eyes roll permanently back into your head? I would love to know!


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