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Hey guys, Warner Bros has released a bunch of new and wonderfully epic clips and pictures of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice!!!

First, most you guys know I'm a huge [Justice League](movie:401267) fan and have been begging and wishing for my first look at some pictures and clips of the movie. Well since they've started filming we got a first look at Gotham, The batsignal and Ben in the Batarmor!!

  He's ready to scare every criminal in gotham!!
He's ready to scare every criminal in gotham!!

When I first saw those pictures I jumped up and said "Bruce ain't playing Clark!!" The suit is obviously similar to The Dark Knight Returns armor when I really love that they're going with a classic and wonderful design for both Batman suits!! I truly love this style and I like that they're having Clark come to Gotham!

Now, let's talk about the amazonian princess of truth [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)!! When I first heard Gal Gadot was playing her I thought she was a good choice, and thanks to this fabulous first image I was completely right! (Which most of the time I am!)

  Gal Gadot looks great as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot looks great as Wonder Woman

I was already super excited for this movie! Because I'm a giant Justice League/Batman/Flash/Green Lantern and Blue beetle fanman. But thanks to these pictures and all the descriptions and how production is moving along I'm Super Mega excited!!!


Are you Super Mega excited for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?!?!


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