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Shawn Allard

So recent rumors have arisen stating that Darkseid will not make a showing in the DC movie-verse until Justice League 2. Devin from Badass Digest said:

"My sources tell me not to expect Darkseid in the DC movieverse until Justice League 2, so that means a Guardians 2 in 2017 would definitely have the Eternals beating the New Gods to big screens."


But this is only a rumor and doesn't have a lot of proof in its favor. Also very recently we have seen photos of the superman statue getting destroyed on the set of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). And recently we heard that rumors about Batman vs Superman were fake, coming from the fake script which new information shows wasn't written by Kevin Smith, so how do we know what is the truth anymore?! Can we trust DC comics? I mean, they asked that we trusted them with this too and that didn't happen:


Can we trust DC comics?


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