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Ok so I guess I'm jumping a little bit ahead but I just can't wait for 9 months until the next Marvel movie. So I can only do what so other fanboys do: Speculate.

Avengers: Age of Ultron will end the magnificent Phase 2, then will rise Phase 3 which will start with [Ant-Man](movie:9048) and then 9 other Marvel films will follow!!! Phase 3 will have 10 films! Unless they might break that in half, who knows. But let's assume that Phase 3 is having 10 films. I am hear to speculate which those films will be in my opinion and instead of giving you guys the hero, I will discuss the villains and my fan cast because we all love a good villain as much as a good hero. A villain is what defines a hero. So let's get started!

Ant-Man: July 17, 2015

Villain: Corey Stoll/Darren Cross A.K.A. Yellow Jacket

First Appearance: Avengers #59

We already know that Corey a Stoll will be playing Darren Cross, but his character will don the name Yellowjacket. In the comics Yellowjacket was more of an anti-hero. A split persona of Hank Pym psyche, a man with mental problems. Well in the movie Darren Cross was Hank Pym's protege, now turned villain and it's to show Hank Pym the negativity of his science, the dark side of technology and when it's in the wrong hands it could lead to bad things. So I'm excited to this film.

[Captain America 3](movie:994409) (The Fallen Son): May 6, 2016

Villain: Baron Helmut Zemo/Jake Gyllenhaal

First Appearance: Captain America #168

Baron Helmut Zemo is the 13th Baron succeeding his father Baron Heinrich Zemo the 12th Baron and the original villain. A wealthy family Heinrich Zemo was born in Germany and was part of the Nazi party, in the movie we could say he was part of Hydra and helped fund the organization. And since we know that The Winter Soldier was created by Hydra we can tweak the origins a bit and say that it was Heinrich Zemo who found Bucky and it was him who initiated the Winter Soldier Project. Heinrich payed much attention to Bucky as the Winter Soldier, more attention than his own son Helmut. Over the years Helmut would follow in his father's foot steps and become a bitter villain with an agenda. To kill the Winter Soldier to prove that he is superior. And since Cap 3 is gonna be the search for Bucky, this could very well be a manhunt where Cap and Baron Zemo collide. Even in the comics Baron Zemo has a score to settle with Bucky.

And we all know that Jake Gyllenhaal is a phenomenal actor, he can portray this bitter, sadistic villain perfectly. Gyllenhaal as the acting capability, we've seen him go crazy. All we need is that famous burnt famous that the Zemo's have and we're good.

[Doctor Strange](movie:559685) (The Sorcerer Supreme): July 8, 2016

Villain: Baron Mordo/ Gerard Butler

First Appearance: Strange Tales #111

I think Gerard Butler is perfect for the role. He's a great actor, he's known for playing crazy on film and he looks like him. I mean what more can you want.

Yes I know another Baron, but this one is different. Baron Mordo is a bitter and selfish sorcerer who only seeks to gain power for himself, he begins training around the same time as Stephen Strange and they become students of the Ancient One and even though Mordo proves to know more than Stephen, Stephen Strange becomes The Sorcerer Supreme because he now see's the goodness and understand that he must protect what is right. This angers Mordo deeply and chooses to make an alliance with another villain, to stop Strange.

Villain: Mephisto/Robert Knepper

First Appearance: Silver Surfer #3

You think Ronan, Loki, and Hydra are bad, wait until you meet Mephisto, the actual devil. This guy is one of the most sadistic, weirdest, most vilest villains in all of Marvel. This would be the main villain of the film. Baron Mordo makes a deal with the devil, that he would kill the Ancient One and Strange so he may become Sorcerer Supreme and in exchange Mephisto gets the Eye of Agamotto. This is Scott Derrickson's level of horror. This is the Doctor Strange movie I want.

As for the actor Robert Knepper. He can play any psychopath. He could play the joker or carnage. NO! He needs to be Mephisto. Don't think he's that good of an actor? Watch Prison Break and you'll see that this is his role.

Now I understand some of you might want Dormammu, I understand. But Dormammu is such a huge villain I'd rather save him for last. This is just a minor tweak. We will see Dormammu soon.

Thor (Journey Into Mystery): May 5, 2017

This movie I'm really gonna have fun with because the rogues gallery of Thor are pretty bad-ass in my opinion. Before I announce the villains I would like to talk about the synopsis of the film. There are 9 realms and the only realms we get a good look at is Midgard (obviously) and Asgard. Not counting Svartelheim because that is a barren wasteland. It starts with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three arriveing at Midgard to bring Thor back to Asgard to help stop a war that is far worse than before. So the story is of them. Thor and his buddies fighting from realm to realm trying to bring balance. It's how it should be, we get to see cool effects of all the realms and see Lady Sif and the Warriors Three ACTUALLY do something. So here are the villains they will encounter on their "Journey into Mystery"

1.) Villain: Ulik/Dolph Lundgren

First Appearance: Thor #137

Starting off the list will be Ulik and his merry bands of Trolls, reigning the realm of Nornheim. That is where Thor and allies begin their journey, Trolls waging a bloody, unnecessary war against Alfheim, home of the Light Elves. Led by a deranged warlord, Ulik, he will stop at nothing to destroy the light elves, just to prove that they can. Chaos at its peak. Thor and his friends must stop Ulik and end his bloodshed.

2.) Villain: Ymir/Sean Bean

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #97

3.) Villain: Surtur/Dennis Quad

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #97

Niffelheim vs Muspelheim. Frost Giants vs Fire Demons. Ymir vs Surtur. Ice vs Fire. god vs god. These to realms have had a score to settle for years and now war has been waged between the two. However Thor must stop this war or else he shall see the beginning of Ragnarok. The end of the world. Thor must end this war, no matter the cost. But the cost is too great as one of Thor friends makes the ultimate sacrifice. Who? You can choose.

Plus who wouldn't want to see these actors have at each other.

4.) Villain: Gorr The God Butcher/Tom Hardy

First Appearance: Thor God of Thunder #2

Thor and his crew now must return to Asgard where there have been several murders, of the old gods. Thor must now investigate who is the assassin behind all this. Thor is confronted by Gorr, The God Butcher. An alien who hates the gods and all they do, he will stop at nothing until they are all dead. (Read Thor: God of Thunder #1-#11) Thor tries to stop him but he is too late as he slays one of his friends. You choose. Thor must learn how to defeat this ghost, who could kill him at any moment.

5.) Hela/Julianne Moore

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #102

Thor and what's left of his friends travel to Hel, to try and rescue the souls of their fallen comrades. Hela queen of the Hel forbids them to claim their soul. Thor refuses and he and Hela battle but it only leads to a defeated Thor. Hela than tells Thor, "It is the natural cycle of all things that breaths. Do not be so stunned Thunder God, you knew what would happened since the beginning of this Journey into Mystery."

A saddend, heartbroken Thor tries to rescue their souls again only for his soul to be taken and put back together by Hela, all to prove a point, that only she, Hela and her sister Death have the true power between life and death.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Annihilation: Conquest): July 28, 2017

Villain: Magus/Gary Sinise

First Appearance: Strange Tales #178

Ok so for [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113) I'm thinking WAAAAY outside the box that some of you guys might not like this idea, but this is all opinion. Since James Gunn said that there are other possibilities of who Star Lord's dad is, this is my idea.

So Adam Warlock is an ancient alien race, basically the last of his kind because Thanos wiped out his race to find one of the Infinity Stones, the Soul Stone. At first he decided to fight Thanos by duplicating himself using the Soul Gem but Warlock didn't realize that it split his personality and he created an evil doppelgänger of himself. The Doppelgänger then tries to kill Warlock but Warlock escapes in time, so in order to protect himself and the Soul Gem, he placed himself in a cocoon (as seen in Thor: The Dark World & GOTG) in the far reaches of space where eventually the Collector finds him and puts him in his collection.

Meanwhile the doppelgänger, calling himself Magus, is out exploring the world and he finds himself on Earth, there he meets a young beautiful woman and falls in love with her, and they eventually have a baby but to Magus Earth is a useless planet, with nothing more to offer him, so he leaves, but he keeps in contact on Earth to see the whereabouts of his son. But Magus is being Magus and he creates the Universal Church of Truth, his disciples being the Badoon, some Kree, and many other alien races. When Adam Warlock awakens Magus senses the Soul Gem since he is derived from it and goes on a hunt to find to Warlock. Warlock then clash with the Guardians and they team up to stop Magus, Quill's father, from having the Soul Gem. We might even see Thanos again.

I honestly believe that Gary Sinise can pull this character off.he has the look of an old father and he can play a maniac on a mission.

And FYI I would cast Jude Law as Adam Warlock:

But enough of magic and space for a while, let's go back to Earth, but let's go to a different country. A country in Africa. Yes, I'm talking about Wakanda.

Black Panther: November 3, 2017

Villain: Ulysses Klaw/Bryan Cranston

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #53

Yes, Bryan Cranston needs to be a villain in a film and who better than Ulysses Klaw. Now in the movie Ulysses Klaw can be a geologist who is fascinated by the vibranium in Wakanda, he asks T'Challa if he could mine and experiment on vibranium. T'Challa refuses because he knows the harm it could bring because Klaw really wants to weaponize the Vibranium, create an impenetrable armor and sell for a high price. Klaw knows he can do no such thing with T'Challa as the king. Luckily for Klaw, there is another man with his own personnel agenda. M'Baku.

Villain: M'Baku (White Gorilla)/Michael K. Williams

First Appearance: Avengers #62

M'Baku is a native of Wakanda and a trusted advisor to T'Challa. However, M'Baku thinks that T'Challa is weak for not weaponizing vibranium like they used to, he tells T'Challa: "Your ancestors have had the blood of the panther for centuries. Protecting Wakanda with whatever resources they can create. You soil your ancestors T'Challa. You are no Panther!"

M'Baku allies himself with Klaw where they will try to kill T'Challa and take control of Wakanda and weaponize vibranium. But Klaw experiments vibranium on himself and he see's the limitless possibilities with it.

I think both these actors are phenomenal in their shows. Bryan Cranston as a deranged geologist looking to weaponize and experiment metal on himself? Yes please. And Williams is wonderful in Boardwalk Empire that this is a role for him.

NOVA: May 4, 2018

Villain: Michael Korvac/Daniel Radcliffe

  There aren't a lot of pictures of Korvac sorry
There aren't a lot of pictures of Korvac sorry

First Appearance: Giant-Size Defenders #3

Ok so again, the origins are going to be tweaked again. But I choose Daniel Radcliffe because he definitely has the acting capability to pull this off. Plus, if Horns does well, (which i believe it will) then it only proves that he is good for this role.

Ok now what I'm trying to do is a bit like Chronicle. Richard Ryder and Michael Korvac are Xandarians and best friends. They grew up together and they even joined the Nova Corps together. But Korvac was always a bit different, he was more ruthless, more of the "bad-boy", the bully. But Ryder and Korvac young and ambitious kids in their 20's and they have a very important job: to protect the Infinity Stone (Power) that is locked in the vault. Over time, Korvac becomes curious with the Stone and wishes to try it's power. Thanos then goes to Korvac and offers him a deal. I will give the power cosmic and you retrieve the Stone. Korvac accepts, and with his new god-like powers, he steals the Orb and gives it to Thanos. Thanos sets Korvac off, to do as he wish, and with all the cosmic power he posses, it corrupts Korvac's mind and he turns against the Nova Corps. In a short few days, the Nova Corps HQ in Xandar is decimated. Everyone dead except, Ryder, who has tried and failed to stop Korvac. Korvac lets him live so he can join him and they can share unlimited power, but Ryder refuses. Korvac then knocks him out and then leaves.

Ryder being one of the few Nova Corps members left, goes inside a Nova outpost in space. There he regroups with other members and when he is better he steals the Centurion Armor of the Nova Corp which allows for flight in space, enhanced speed, strength, durability, and pulse beams that he shoots. With this new found armor he could take on Korvac. And although he was able to win a battle against Korvac, Ryder crashes on Earth where he meets a young scientist named Carol Danvers who takes him in but the alien technology in Ryder's suit is alien and hazardous towards humans and it affect Carol Danvers. It gives her super powers.

Then this leads to the next Marvel Film:

Ms./Captain Marvel: July 6, 2018

Villain: Captain Atlas (At-Lass)/Alexander Ludwig

First Appearance: Quasar #9

Villain: Dr. Minerva (Minn-Erva)/Rooney Mara

First Appearance: Captain Marvel #50

Before you guys say anything I know these characters are C-list villains but that doesn't mean there bad villains. Yes Korath may be a C-list villain but he was reduced to henchman status. These 2 will be the main antagonist of the film and since they're not so popular, the actors and the writers can do their own things and make these villains cool. Just hear me out.

Two intelligent scientist of their race, the Kree. They are sent to Earth to analyze and study it's hero to see if they could be a potential threat for there race. When they realize that Earth's Mightiest Heroes have no intention on setting there sites towards space, NOVA crashes down on Earth and Carol Danvers is given mysterious powers that can only be brought to them by some form of Kree technology. They get orders to bring NOVA and Carol to the Kree home world for testing. Danvers, obviously refuses and fights them off and manages to defeat them. At-Lass and Minn-Erva ready there weapons armor and do not underestimate Carol, who will try her best to save her and Richard Ryder. The main motive of these villains are all in the name of science. A quote I would like to hear from one of them is, "You are nothing more but a failed experiment! How can someone like you be so special? WE are the ones who made you! Why are we not like you?!"

I can really hear the jealousy they have for Carol. All that power she has, all because of the Kree race. I chose these actors because they are well talented actors and I think they need a chance to shine in a Marvel film.

Avengers 3 Part 1(Inhumanity): November 2, 2018

Villains: Inhumans

Yes it's weird but hear me out.

Ok so for Avengers 3 to do magnificent it probably has to be broken down into 2 parts to get a good definitive story in there. The title shall be Avengers: Inhumans and it will focus on the Avengers vs the Inhumans. (It's the closest thing to Avengers vs. X-Men) And it will be seen through the perspective of the Inhumans who think they are doing good, to them, they are the protagonist while the Avengers are the antagonist.

The Inhumans can consist of the original royal family with a few added extras, maybe Namor or possibly Gladiator. Who knows?!

Well the Inhumans will be sleeper agents of Thanos who has realized that the Avengers (& possibly the Guardians) are the only forces capable of stopping Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Stones. So it will have the Inhumans doing Thanos bidding, until Black Bolt realizes that he is more than a puppet, he is a king and he takes orders from no one. The film will end with the Inhumans turning against Thanos and joining the Avengers to stop Thanos but by that time it is too late. The film will end will all the heroes confronting Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and all 6 stones

Avengers 3 Part 2 (Infinity): May 3, 2019

Villain: Thanos

So this will probably be the end of Phase 3 with Thanos as the MAIN villain and will duel with all the heroes of the MCU in one epic battle or even War. I honestly have no idea how this movie should be handled. But I know Joss Whedon has a vision and it will be phenomenal.

So as my closing statement these are my speculations and these are the things I would want to see. And who knows, Marvel might break these 10 films in half and have 4 Phases, with another Avengers film in the middle. Sorry if I didn't get to a movie you would like to see like Hulk or Black Widow but comment below on what other Marvel character you would like to see and let me know what you think of the post.


Which film are you most excited for?


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