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This article might have a few spoilers. Proceed at your own caution!

You've probably been wondering, "How quick would I be able to watch every Jason kill?"... Well maybe not, but if you somehow have managed to ask yourself this odd question recently, then I have the answer right here for you!

This is a series of videos showing every kill from some of the greatest fictional villains ever, in just 2 minutes! It was put together by a YouTuber named, TheSpringwoodSlasher.

They managed to make 2 minute or less videos showing every kill from slashers you probably thought would at least take 5 minutes (minimum) to show. I should also add that these are all actually pretty funny too!

The first is Jason's and it is hilarious!

HA!, now for every kill Michael Myers has done... it gets even funnier!

How awesome is it that Michael Myers and Jason are the only ones with full 2 minute long videos? They've been putting in some work over the years...moving on.

Freddy! Always humorous.

P.S. For some reason he leaves out the remake's kills, but still great!

And here's Chucky! Not even quite at the 1 minute mark. He's got a long way to go. I guess there's only so much a 2-3 foot doll can do huh?

Now for Leatherface!... Unfortunately kidding as I didn't find a video for Leatherface. I'm guessing his minutes in total would be about 1 minute, maybe around the 1 and 10 seconds mark.

But we do have one for Ghostface! His killing spree actually lasted longer than I thought it would.

And now is the head General of hell and his homeboys, the cenobites. Pinhead!

WOW, his was a lot longer than I remembered too! Maybe I need to re-watch some of the Hellraiser movies.

Now these are sure to make you ''cringe'' as most say. Jigsaw.

Goodness, that's a lot of blood above! But it brings back memories doesn't it?

Anyways I'm off to to clean this blood off of my han - ... I mean...uh... Which was your favorite? Tell me below!


Which Of These Short, Gore Filled Videos Did YOU Enjoy Most?


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