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It's been relatively quiet on The Walking Dead spinoff front since the show was announced back in 2013 - in fact, there's still no official title, attached cast or even plot info. But that could soon be about to change after TWD producer Gale Anne Hurd revealed the script for the companion show is due "any moment."

Hurd also revealed that the spinoff will be very different from the mega-successful Walking Dead show. Although she didn't give away any details, Hurd admitted the show is "not the same city, it's not the same cast", and said this about the tone:

It's not going to be a musical comedy, it's not going to be a satire, but it is going to be essentially following other characters -- and not characters from the comic book either.

As much as an all-singing, all-dancing Walking Dead satire sounds like the greatest idea of all time - Daryl doing Jazz Hands! - it's probably for the best that they stick to the gritty realism of the original show.

It also sounds like the ensemble format of The Walking Dead won't be repeated in the spinoff show, with Hurd saying:

Given that the world lends itself to having multiple characters, I don't know that it's going to be as large an ensemble. I'm sure that we'll be following more than one [character].

So, the spinoff won't be in the same city, it won't feature any characters from the comic book or show, and will have a much more smaller ensemble cast.

Sounds awesome. Count me in!

[The Walking Dead Spinoff](series:1117438) will arrive in 2015.


Will the spinoff be as good as the original?

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