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Douglas Adams fans, rejoice! Dirk Gently is coming to a (smallish) screen near you in the not-too-distant future - with Hollywood Wunderkind of the moment Max Landis set to write and executive-produce.

The 'holistic detective' (best to just go with it) made his debut in Adams' 1987 novel Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, followed the year after by The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. In them, Dirk uses "the fundamental interconnectedness of all things" to solve a startlingly weird range of crimes, mysteries and assorted strange happenings.

Want an idea of how it'll play? Check out the 2010 BBC version:

As Landis himself points out, it's a TV writer's dream:

"This is any writer's ultimate project, and in the current TV space, it fits ridiculously well. Imagine a playground where you could come with any mystery, no matter how improbable, convoluted or totally insane and then, simply by finding the right connections, you could tie it all down to one man, one private eye. If you're familiar with the property, you know: there's no freaking rules. Ancient gods? Sure. Larceny and petty crimes? Of course. Extra-dimensional aliens? I mean, probably; as long as you can make it funny, Dirk's on the case. This is a dream project of mine, no joke, and I absolutely positively couldn't be happier."

Plus, for anyone out there suspicious that Landis might be a little wet behind the ears for the job - it seems as though it might well be something of a passion project for the writer:

"Alongside the obvious yada yada, I'm a lifelong fan, Long Dark Teatime of The Soul (the second Dirk Gently novel) is one of the best books ever...Douglas Adams is a visionary who forever changed the way science fiction is written and talked about and even thought about and even the way real actual science is thought about and without whom our culture would be noticeably different for the worse. I'd also just like to say holy crap, it's Dirk Gently."

Which, for a lifelong Adams fan, is pretty much exactly what I want to hear...

The only problem? Whether Landis will be able to make the novels - which are very much rooted in Adams' atheism - work for anything more than a cable audience?

If they could, the results could be mind-blowing.

Either way, [Dirk Gently](series:2162911) will hopefully be on its way sometime soon.


What do you guys think? Ready for some Dirk Gently?

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