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Warning: Potential Walking Dead spoilers to follow. Proceed with caution.

Those of you who are up-to-date with The Walking Dead comic book will know there are some seriously cool characters in the source material waiting to make it onto the TV show.

However, none are probably as cool or iconic as Shiva.


Because she's a motherf--king tiger, who prefers her meat undead.

Like this.

  It's a motherf--king tiger!
It's a motherf--king tiger!

In the source material, Shiva is the pet and guardian of Ezekiel, the ruler of the "Kingdom", an enclave on the outskirts of Washington DC.

  Ezekiel and Shiva
Ezekiel and Shiva

Casting Ezekiel on [The Walking Dead](series:201193) should be pretty straight forward - he is an actual person after all - but what about Shiva? Will we be getting a CGI tiger or will the showrunners go for the real thing?

The good news: it looks like we'll be getting an actual tiger, as Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, explains:

That's the only way to go. Got to keep it grounded. I mean, if we could get a robot tiger, that would be pretty awesome. But, you know, we might have to go with a real one.

A real tiger on The Walking Dead!

  This is how I feel about that
This is how I feel about that

However, it's not only Ezekiel and Shiva we've got to look forward to seeing in the coming seasons. There's also a long-haired badass called Paul "Jesus" Monroe.

  Long-haired badass
Long-haired badass

Here's what Kirkman had to say about Jesus:

Paul Monroe, known as 'Jesus,' I think is an interesting character that's emerged in the comic book series that is going to be a very cool character when we get around to him in the TV show. Because of the martial arts and all that cool stuff, I'm pretty excited about seeing how that comes together.

Jesus is my favorite character in the comics: a loyal, ninja-like, wingman to Rick Grimes. He's also gay and has excellent facial hair.

By my reckoning, we might see these guys at the end of Season 5, or the beginning of Season 6. In any case, it will certainly be worth the wait.


Who are you most excited about seeing on the show?

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